Gift Guide Bouldering

No bouldering session without these essentials!

We've put together the perfect Christmas gifts for your favourite boulder buddies. From chalk to crash pads, you'll find everything they need - and to make sure you and your buddy look good, you'll also need the right outfit. 


Our versatile, fold-out crash pad with indestructible aluminium buckles.



High-quality loose magnesium carbonate for top performance at the crag or in the gym.



Large, spacious chalk bag for high demands in bouldering. Thanks to its large contact surface, it stands on its own.


Sportliche, leichte und besonders funktionale Kletterjeans mit einem innovativen Materialmix.



Casual hoody made from cozy organic cotton and polyester fleece with a large graphic print.

Gift Guide Climbing

Everything to make a climber´s heart beat faster! 

Christmas is just around the corner and to help you find the perfect gifts for climbers, we present a collection of highlight products to you.


Ultra-light, lined sport climbing harness predestined for the toughest of projects and alpine sport climbing.



The perfect complement to our lightweight ropes and durable sport climbing ropes. With its small diameter, minimal weight, and fine sheath structure, the Hummingbird Pro Dry offers excellent handling characteristics which make it a high-end sport climbing rope.


Innovative belay device with high braking performance for single ropes. 



Assisted-braking resistor for increasing rope friction when there is a large weight difference between the belayer and lead climber. 



Casual chalk bag with a drawcord closer.

Gift Guide Mountaineering

These gifts are not to be missed under this year´s christmas tree in order to be safely on the move on alpine tours and mountaineering.


Technical crampons for steep ice, winter mountaineering and expedition use.



A technical ice axe for classic mountaineering.



The first dynamic single rope with a sheath that includes aramid, for markedly increased cut resistance. Its characteristics make the Swift Protect Pro Dry the ideal lead climbing rope and the perfect companion for alpine climbing and mountaineering.


Light climbing helmet in accordance with EN 12492 with an innovative fastening system and excellent ventilation.



All-round alpine harness with 20 mm Slide Block buckles and laminated harness construction for multi-pitch routes and alpine tours



Comfortable and lightweight alpine harness with extensive features.