Returns & Warranty

Please follow these steps to handle a warranty claim:

The safety and satisfaction of our customers are goals firmly rooted in the philosophy of EDELRID. Therefore, we guarantee for the quality of material and workmanship of our products. Should any of our products display defect in material or workmanship, we will replace or repair it free of charge.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, unauthorized modifications or alterations, regular wear and tear or aging (e.g. UV radiation). In addition, damage to the products (e.g. by sharp edges, very rough rocks, ski edges, contact with crampons or fire, etc.) are excluded from the guarantee. In such cases, we offer a repair service, which is charged to the customer.

Complaints / warranty claims are handled by EDELRID exclusively through our retailers.

  1. Please clean the product if necessary and enclose a copy of your receipt.
  2. Bring your product and the copy of your receipt to your local dealer or send it back to your online retailer from where it will be forwarded to our customer service center.
  3. The EDELRID customer service center processes your complaint. If the complaint is not covered under our warranty but can be repaired, a cost estimate will be sent to the dealer or online retailer. They will then contact you and ask if the repair is to be made.
  4. After the appropriate processing our service department will send back the repaired or replaced product to your dealer / online retailer.
  5. The dealer / online retailer will contact you as soon as the product is returned to them.