Vertical Freedom - discover the freedom of the vertical

Mountain sports are our origin, but our passion goes beyond that. Freedom in vertical movement takes place in sports, but also in working at heights and in tree care. We use synergies so that our products benefit from our development work in all areas.

In search of new solutions, we think "out of the box" and leave well-trodden paths in favor of the best results: safe, innovative, sustainable, lightweight products.

Free movement in the vertical? Vertical Freedom? What does that actually mean? Of course, we have also dealt intensively with these questions... and also invited our athletes and partners to tell us how they experience Vertical Freedom.

Climbing training with Robbie Philips

The aim of the series, which consists of articles and videos, is to bring you the knowledge of Robbie Philips. Knowledge from ten years of professional climbing experience. Ten years that he has dedicated to learning all he can about how to get better and how to help others achieve their climbing goals.

Climbing training with Angy Eiter

Do you want to get the most out of yourself on the wall and on the rock? Then start the nine-week training system together with Angy Eiter and get fit for the first climbing trip of the season.

Story: Projecting in Turkey by Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky

Illya faced a challenge at the Chitdibi crag, limited by weather conditions and skin cuts.

Passion for trees

You only choose this profession if you have a passion for climbing and working with trees. Whether the desire to become an arborist came about through formative experiences in childhood or sometime later in life, for everyone it is probably more of a calling than a profession. For arborist Max Soballa, climbing trees quickly and efficiently and being able to move freely and flexibly in the treetop is pure joy. This freedom of movement is what allows him to work in the tree without restrictions - which is ultimately also a question of safety. The equipment must be optimally aligned and easy to operate.

Vertical Freedom Athletes