Vertical Freedom - discover the freedom of the vertical

Mountain sports are our origin, but our passion goes beyond that. Freedom in vertical movement takes place in sports, but also in working at heights and in tree care. We use synergies so that our products benefit from our development work in all areas.

In search of new solutions, we think "out of the box" and leave well-trodden paths in favor of the best results: safe, innovative, sustainable, lightweight products.

Free movement in the vertical? Vertical Freedom? What does that actually mean? Of course, we have also dealt intensively with these questions... and also invited our athletes and partners to tell us how they experience Vertical Freedom.


Big walls, big dreams

Following your passion can mean so much: For Tommy Caldwell, being out in the mountains and climbing big walls means fun, inspiration, creativity, challenge, fear. To fail sometimes is painful and can set you back, but is part of it, motivates him, shows him weaknesses and strengths, lets him grow and develop. To be complete with himself, he must be able to rely on his equipment without doubt, because only then can he concentrate fully on his passion and climb carefree.

Vertical Freedom Athletes