In launching the PINCH, EDELRID is presenting a new belay device with a locking function for sport climbing, multi-pitch routes, and rope access. What makes this innovation so special is that the EDELRID PINCH can be directly clipped to the central ring on a harness without a carabiner. This is of major benefit with regard to ease of use, brake rope control, and safety. Furthermore, the design features additional steel brake grooves to enable linear rope run-through and enhanced control for thin and soft ropes when lowering and rappelling. The PINCH is a versatile and easy-to-use belay device with an anti-panic function.

“We wanted to expand our collection to include a mechanical belay device, i.e. a device that works regardless of the angle of the braking hand. In terms of improvement, we made it our aim to position the device as close to the body as possible—and succeeded in doing this through the direct attachment to the harness. Positioning the PINCH close to the body ensures that the belayer receives more direct feedback and can easily pay out 20–30 cm more rope in one go. In addition, the device doesn’t wobble around or have to be secured with one hand when paying out the rope, plus the risk of the carabiner being cross loaded is eliminated.”—Philippe Westenberger, Head of Product at EDELRID.

Direct harness attachment

The PINCH is the first device on the market to be directly clipped to the central ring of a climbing harness, positioning it closer to and lower down on the tie-in point and thereby making the entire belay system more compact. As a result, the PINCH does not have to be secured between the index finger and thumb when rapidly paying out the rope. As only the thumb needs to be placed on the brake mechanism, the brake rope can be securely held by all four fingers. In the event of an unexpected fall, the contraction reflex tightens the fingers’ grip and the thumb automatically disengages from the device. It is also easy for belayers to switch between their left and right hands as the PINCH does not have to be secured with the right hand. A further plus point is the heightened range due to the position close to the body, enabling the belayer to rapidly and efficiently pay out more rope in one go.

Linear rope run-through

When lowering, the belayer simply allows the rope to run over the front, steel brake grooves in a linear fashion, thereby not only controlling the speed with the lever but also by pressing with the braking hand. This has several benefits: the rope does not get tangled as it remains straight while it runs through the device plus the belayer always retains full control of the brake rope while rappelling and lowering. Furthermore, steel brake grooves enhance durability and prevent the unsightly discoloration typical with rope friction against aluminum. This has a particularly positive effect when using soft and thin ropes.

Disableable anti-panic function

The PINCH comes with an anti-panic function that makes it the ideal belay device for beginners in particular. If the brake lever is pulled back too far, the system locks automatically, the rope stops moving, and the climber is not lowered any further. In the case of people who are extremely light, thick ropes, or a great deal of friction in the system, the anti-panic function can be annoying as it activates more easily and presumably more frequently—and accordingly has to be regularly disabled. When the anti-panic function is enabled, the PINCH has a second braking level that still makes it possible to continue the lowering process without the anti-panic function through repeated pulling. 

Versatile use

The PINCH's design also offers decisive advantages with regard to multi-pitch climbing. Firstly, this new belay device can also be used with a carabiner, for example if greater clearance is required between the belay station sling and the belay device when body belaying. Secondly, it can be clipped to the belay station in four different directions, enabling the lowering lever to always be moved to a position in which it can be cleanly operated. As such, the PINCH is the only device that enables 90-degree rotation on the belay station.   

The PINCH also offers optimum handling for rope access as a compact rappelling and rope positioning device. This is particularly advantageous when working with thin ropes. Professional users performing route setting or other work where an anti-panic function could disrupt the workflow can use the screw provided with the device to permanently disable it. And because the PINCH is so light, compact, and versatile, anyone who wants to go climbing after work can instantly take their work gear with them to use in their own time too.


The direct harness attachment of the EDELRID PINCH and its associated benefits, the linear rope run-through, the disableable anti-panic function with a second braking level, and the versatile use make belaying and working with a belay device with locking support a whole new experience.

Technical details

  • Belay device with locking support
  • Certifications: EN 15151-1, EN 12841-C       
  • Suitable for dynamic ropes with a diameter of 8.5 to 10.5 mm
  • Suitable for static ropes with a diameter of 10.0 to 10.5 mm (120 kg)
  • Weight: 234 g


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