A platform to promote freedom, passion and safe climbing and mountaineering

Climbing gear supplier EDELRID’s new website is designed to give visitors that feeling of freedom and passion for seeing the world from above. Under its Vertical Freedom banner, the company presents its extensive portfolio of products for sports- and industry-based use, as well as its in-depth expertise on safety with ropes and working at height. The goal is for users of EDELRID products and solutions to gain clear information about the right usage, care, and sustainability of their climbing gear. 

“The new website’s purpose is to take our mission a step further and make our customers’ exploration of the vertical world easier and safer. As a manufacturer, we believe it’s our responsibility to share our expertise,” explains Markus Wanner, Managing Director EDELRID GmbH.


EDELRID’s mission is to conduct research into, understand and share expertise about the manufacture, use and environmental impact of its own products with the public.

The website has its own Knowledge Base section with valuable background information and practical tips, such as correct belay method, knots, inspecting carabiners, or the cut resistance of ropes. EDELRID experts share current and relevant findings in informative videos and detailed posts. The EDELRID Academy is a combination of theory and practice. The expert training sessions are based on the policies of the DGUV (the German umbrella organisation of accident insurers). During these sessions, EDELRID teaches safe handling, inspection and maintenance of personal protective equipment that is used to prevent falls. Course content is aimed at all those using PPE in a professional capacity, German Alpine Association (DAV) sections, tourism destinations and climbing gyms that hire out and manage climbing gear.


Climbing gear and our behaviour leaves an ecological footprint and therefore affects both man and nature. All EDELRID’s projects are underpinned by this awareness. The company researches product safety and functionality, but also scrutinises the environmental and social aspects of its business and shares findings with website visitors. Special achievements include innovative products such as the recycled NEO 3R climbing rope (a German Ecodesign Award winner), non-anodized carabiners, or PFC- and PFAS-free climbing ropes that meet the UIAA standard for water-repellent ropes.


Climbers, people working at heights, and arborists all want the freedom to move as they wish. To experience this freedom, they need the right products, expertise, and experience. This is where professionals, sportspeople and experts share their passion for movement and vertical life. The online platform provides inspiration to dream and make plans. 


Thanks to the new dual menu navigation option, visitors can find EDELRID gear either via the product categories or activities, all of which have background information. All information on each of the product pages is available at a glance. As before, users can find local shops by looking for retailers, create shopping baskets with products and purchase them via various partner shops in their own country. In future, customers will be able to fill shopping baskets via EDELRID directly. 


Since it was founded in 1863, EDELRID has become one of the leading manufacturers of ropes, climbing gear and personal protective equipment (PPE). The company stands apart for its exceptional innovativeness and sustainability. EDELRID not only developed the first kernmantle rope, but also launched the first bluesign®-certified ropes on the market. All product development takes place in Isny in the Allgäu region, where 60% of all products (especially all ropes) are also manufactured. This guarantees both the exceptional quality and functionality that EDELRID customers worldwide appreciate, as well as lasting innovation. The renowned Red Chili climbing shoe brand has been part of EDELRID’s portfolio since 2017.