The Ultimate Rope Access Harness with a Multitude of Innovative Details.

1. Sewn-in chest ascender 

2. Removable Chestfit System: 2 elastic straps around the chest for a perfect fit at all times

3. VCR loops on the shoulders to organize the backup system

4. Central eyelet according to EN 813 for attaching an abseiling device (Maximum weight of user: 150 kg)

5. Two loops on the chest harness for attaching a radio set or for accommodating a fall arrester

6. Two fall arrest eyelets in accordance with EN 361

7. Two large aluminium D-rings as side eyelets according to EN 358

8. Four rigid gear loops for up to 12 carabiners per loop (load: 25 kg)

9. Four Accessorie-Loops (Strenght: 50 kg)

10. Two central loops for attaching a work positioning seat (Air Lounge)

11. Various attachment option for a tool holder (load: 0 kN)

12. Restrain Loop

13. Dedicated space to install a First-Aid-Kit

14. Integrated RFID chip for simplified operational documentation

Even in terms of equipment, the VERTIC TRIPLE LOCK leaves nothing to be desired. It has two fall arrest eyelets according to EN 361 (sternal and dorsal), and a ventral eyelet according to EN 813 (maximum user weight: 150 kg), as well as two lateral positioning eyelets for work position and standby position according to EN 358. Furthermore, the complete harness is certified according to ANSI Z359.11, which makes it one of the most versatile rope access harnesses on the market.

The VERTIC TRIPLE LOCK has four rigid gear loops for up to twelve carabiners each for transporting and organizing equipment, various attachment possibilities for equipment holders, first aid kit, work positioning seat and tool bag, as well as two loops on the chest harness for accommodating the carabiner for a lanyard. It is equipped with an integrated RFID chip, making deployment documentation easy to do and not just a necessary evil.


Indicator Webbing
All load-bearing straps of our harnesses are equipped with indicator webbing. In the event of excessive wear a red wear indicator warning thread becomes visible – alerting the user that the harness should be replaced.

RFID inside
Harnesses with integrated RFID transponders — for quick registration and effective management of PPE equipment. Using appropriate software it is possible to monitor application cycles and/or the PPE status of the product. This saves time and money while increasing safety.

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