The SALATHE climbing helmet combines ultra-light comfort with optimal protection

          This is made possible by the ultra-light hybrid construction. The outer shell, made of expanded polypropylene, absorbs impacts and guarantees a high level of shock resistance and dimensional stability. The upper part of the robust hard shell is made of ABS to provide even better protection from falling objects. The ergonomic, head-encompassing shape with a full head design, means the Salathe fits firmly without being too noticeable and the design ensures optimum side, front and rear impact protection.

          To ensure maximum comfort, the Salathe has some outstanding details: large air vents ensure optimal ventilation on hot climbing days. The padding prevents pressure points and absorbs perspiration. The padding can be detached and washed.

          The minimalist strap adjustment system ensures that the helmet sits securely on the head and reduces the weight and volume to a minimum. All types of headlamps can be quickly and safely attached to the helmet with two clips on the front and an elastic strap on the back.

          Air Flow System

          Large ventilation openings for continuous air exchange and heat dissipation

          How is the chin strap designed?

          Chin strap with fully adjustable side buckles offer optimum fit and enhanced comfort

          How to attach the headlamp?

          Headlamp attachment with 2 clips at the front and an elastic strap at the back.

          Spare parts