Daaamn... That's been a long and tough fight with lots of obstacles.

It took me 2 trips to tame this beast, that was for sure not willing to be caged. During the first trip, climbing with a mono undercling beta it ate the skin away🩸, which only gave me one chance per week to send. The whole 3 month flew like this, without any proper progress, sometimes slipping from the mono, sometimes afterwards, and then healing my skin for the rest of the week.
After feeling pretty desperate, forced to go outside of the country, I got a chance to do some bouldering. I thought it would only bring me some fun and rest before the second trip, but it actually got my power stats impressively higher💪

Returning back to Turkey a month ago, psyched for my revenge ...

... I found out that I got strong enough for the second, much more powerful, but less risky in sense of skin damaging, beta. That gave a big span of opportunities to try, which were directly ruined by the harsh weather, heat and conditions😢
In the end, could finally get 4 days of proper condies. Full of psyche and ready to crush, went all in on all of the goes and passed the main crux for like 5-6 times.🤩
But mental game is still there and it's the part that I'm bad at, so footpops and handslips slapped me into the face as i was climbing higher and higher, as well as a damaged tendon on my mono hole finger(still use it a bit in the harder beta).🤦
It went pretty ordinary today, went for a warm up go, then a slip from the very top on the second go, and then the final third go of the day... It finally came together! Felt so calm and peaceful, completely silent from the inside and completely ready and powerful from the outside. Nothing slipped, nothing popped, perfect. Didn't really get pumped at the anchor

"Turkish Haircut" 9a went down🔥
Hope to come back soon for some harder lines that are left in the Chitdibi crag, but now it's time to go back and get ready for the comps ☺️

Thanks for the photos davidkaszlikowski


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