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Safety is and remains our drive for top performance in product development. But we also share the aspiration to manufacture our products as sustainably as possible and to protect the environment.

In 2023, one of our focuses is on products in the field of rope access technology: with the MEGAWATT, we present a universal abseiling device, and with the FUSE, a ride-on fall arrester that sets new standards.


(Available from January 2023!)

The MEGAWATT is a versatile descender device for industrial climbing and rescue use. Its special lever geometry allows a large transmission ratio and an extremely wide working range. At the same time, its anti-panic feature reduces the risk of an accident in the event of loss of control. It is suitable for left and right-handed users alike (regardless of active or passive operation) and enables optimal handling even in working positions that are difficult to access, making the MEGAWATT the most versatile descender device on the market with maximized compactness and minimized weight.



(Available from April 2023!)

The FUSE sets new standards for guided type fall arresters. Whether ascending or descending, the integrated centrifugal brake enables the device to move up/down the belay rope with incomparable ease from the very first meter. Furthermore, its ability, as a single device, to comply with all relevant European and international standards for large diameter ranges and the highest user loads coupled with its impressively compact design makes it the most versatile device in its class. The structural separation of the trigger and blocking mechanisms together with the lack of serrated jaws not only makes the device tamperproof and kind on ropes, but also enables it to be easily released from the rope after a fall. 

The mandatory combination with an appropriate DEFUSER shock absorber (S, L, or RESCUE) makes it possible to select a complete system that is ideal for the intended use thanks to the different lengths and performance parameters.


(Available from April 2023!)

All three DEFUSER shock absorbers are compact and for user loads of up to 140 kg (RESCUE up to 220 kg). The DEFUSER series reduces the impact force generated by a fall and must only be used in combination with the FUSE.

S: Small, compact shock absorber for user loads of up to 140 kg for use in combination with the EDELRID FUSE. Particularly ideal for climbing and working on ladder systems or flexible anchor lines as the compact design enables particularly efficient guidance and makes the shock absorber easy to move with the user.


Compact shock absorber with a particularly high maximum user load of up to 220 kg. Significantly reduces the impact force generated by a fall. 

The high load capacity enables users to work with heavy equipment and offers a higher reserve in the event of a rescue situation, enabling users to bear the weight of the person in need of assistance on their own system.


Long and very narrow shock absorber for user loads of up to 140 kg. The elongated design allows, for example, greater distance from the belay rope during rope access and therefore a clearer working area.


The JACAMAR is an easy-grip arborist rope with a slightly more compact diameter of 12.5 mm to run even better through the most used equipment. The optimally matched double braid construction of a wear-resistant 24 polyester sheath and a 16 polyamide core braid ensures good spliceability. The sheath is made from 100% recycled yarn. The JACAMAR shines with very good technical values: Maximum tensile strength 36 kN with a static elongation of only 2.2%. Available with or without WEBLINK end connection.


The splice has a long tradition as a compact and clean rope end connection. The patented SPLY is extremely compact, as the diameter of the rope is not increased at any point and even in the splice eye only minimally. Thus, this splice even fits through the most used SRT and DRT devices, eliminating the annoying pulling through of the rope. At the same time, the splice offers extra safety because part of the core is pulled through the entire eye. The SPLY is handmade in Isny.


The HOUSTON is a foldable transport bag for throwing lines and accessories and can be divided into two segments. This way, two throwing lines plus two throwing bags per line can be stored separately. Once unfolded, the HOUSTON stands stable thanks to the integrated magnets. When folding the HOUSTON, the throwing lines are neither folded nor twisted, so no knots are created.


Practical and safe transport aid for route screwdrivers, perfectly holds the Euroboxes commonly used in most halls for storing handles or alternatively two mail containers (type 2). The full-length carrying system can carry up to 150 kg and can be hooked in at two angles to allow two SETTER BAGS to be attached. Dimensions inside: 630 mm x 420 mm x 300 mm.


Robust throw bag for rigging from ground level, filled with extra small steel balls. The non-use of lead is an ecological benefit. The outer material made of Cordura is specially sewn and extremely durable. The balls are also secured in an inner balloon in case the outer sheath becomes damaged.