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Safety is and remains our drive for top performance in product development. But we also share the aspiration to manufacture our products as sustainably as possible and to protect the environment.

In 2023, one of our focuses is on products in the field of rope access technology: with the MEGAWATT, we present a universal abseiling device, and with the FUSE, a ride-on fall arrester that sets new standards.


MEGAWATT is a universal descender device for industrial climbers and rescue operations with a payload of up to 200 kg. 

  • Ergonomic lever with rubber-coated grip inserts for intuitive handling at minimum effort
  • Compact design with short lever prevents entanglement
  • Anti-panic function creates additional operating options
  • Steel inserts enhance the service life
  • Integrated RFID chip simplifies documentation of the application
  • Large karabiner hole allows 360° rotation of the karabiner
  • Safety lock allows inserting the rope with closed karabiner

All this makes the MEGAWATT the most versatile descender device in the market at a weight of only 495 g.



FUSE redefines the standards for guided type fall arresters. It is the only securing device in the market for a payload of up to 140 kg that meets all applicable standards in Europe and North America. 

  • Runs along incomparably smoothly from the first meter
  • Separation of the blocking mechanism and its speed-dependent activator improve reliabiltiy and safety - patent application has been filed
  • Waiving at a toothed clamping cam reduces wear on the rope and prevents it from tearing in case of overload
  • Rear locking function for taut belaying in the work position
  • Easy attachment and detachment from the rope without separation from the karabiner
  • Integrated RFID chip simplifies documentation of the application


Easy to use, length-adjustable lanyard for self-belaying, positioning, and progression on structures, anchor points, or railing ropes, or when climbing ropes. The system consists of the popular PERFORMANCE STATIC 10.5 mm, an OVAL POWER triple lock carabiner, and the innovative rope clamp. This enables length adjustment even under load — allowing the lanyard to be shortened or lengthened at any time!


Y-lanyard with a special tie-back function for greater flexibility. Integrated intermediate rings make it possible to wrap the upper part of the arms around wider or larger elements. This part is fitted with an additional abrasion protector. The shock absorber is designed for a high load capacity of up to 140 kg. The individual carabiners and the SHOCKSTOP-Y 140 TIE-BACK GIANT ANSI as a system have been edge tested. The integrated swivel carabiner for harness attachment prevents the arms from twisting during use.


With no unnecessary loose parts that can get lost, the ability to be opened and closed as often as users desire, and a design that makes it the lightest and most compact swivel in its class, the CUPID SWIVEL is a dream come true for any PPE system! The innovative integrated mechanical screw locking system enables the device to be repeatedly opened and closed without having to replace or manually secure screws, and reliably prevents the screw from opening of its own accord due to vibrations. The combination of a 12 mm opening width and the outward opening direction of the gate makes it easy to install rope terminals, slings, and metal components.


Classic webbing harness for use on high rope courses. The different colors of the shoulder, hip and leg straps make the harness intuitive to put on and enable trainers to check it quickly and reliably. The six Slide Block buckles and pull-on loops at the end of the webbing material enable the harness to be simply adjusted for an optimum fit. The labeling field and integrated RFID transponder can be used to personalize the harness and make it far easier to document its use.