Career Highlights

  • 2016 IFSC Lead WC in Xiamen, China and Kranj, Slovenia
  • Getting to coach youth athletes and share my passion for this sport
  • Sending Living the Dream in Rifle
  • Competing in USA Climbing's Sport Open Nationals every year


  • Climbing

    Favorite type of climbing (bouldering, sports climbing, trad, etc.):

    Sport Climbing!!!

    When and how did you get into climbing and what kept you interested / fascinated in the sport?

    I started climbing at my brothers birthday party back in 2010, and just never stopped. For me the mental challenge is just as engaging as the physical challenge of climbing. I love that there is always something new to be climbed, and that each new things brings its own lessons!

    Who was your childhood hero and do you consider yourself a role model now? Does it influence you at all that other people look up to you?

    I always strive to be the best person I can be, both in climbing and out of climbing. As a coach of a youth climbing team I hope that I can be positive influence on their lives.

    What were the most important milestones in your life so far, both in climbing and in everyday life? Did you immediately recognize them as such or only later on?

    I would say that an important milestone in my climbing was my first finger injury. At the time I was only upset that I couldn't climb, but I believe the lessons I learned in patience and how to properly balance my training and climbing have allowed me to push my limits higher and higher.

    What were your greatest failures / setbacks / injuries? How did you cope with them and how did you come back from them?

    I have had many finger injuries over the years. There was about a 3 year period where ever year I would hurt a different finger. When I'm injured I try to find other things I can do to stay active and engaged. Coming back from any injury can be hard, and I believe that having patience and trust in the process allows you to come back stronger.

  • Training

    Do you have a strict training schedule for when and how you train throughout the year?

    I don't really follow a super strict training schedule any more. I just like to follow my motivation. If I have a comp or trip coming up I will spend a couple weeks focusing on that. One thing I do enjoy is weight lifting, and I'll do this almost year round.

    What advice can you give to somebody looking to improve their training routine?

    If you don't already start taking notes on all your workouts. Just being able to look back and see progress and what has worked for you in the past can be the most beneficial thing you can do.

    What do you think of indoor climbing gyms in relation to climbing on actual rock?

    As a routesetter, coach, and someone who likes both competing and climbing outside I believe that climbing is routed in the movement, and wether it's in the gym or at the crag it is all climbing. I believe that the gym can be the perfect place to train for outdoor projects, and can offer its own kind of climbing experience.

    Are you able to do a one-arm pull-up? How about a single finger?


  • Psychology

    Is it possible for anybody to eventually perform a one-armed pull-up or get to the top of the Eiger/Matterhorn, or do you really have to be born for it?

    With enough hard work and dedication we can achieve whatever we set out to, but it's also important to remember that nothing worth achieving is going to be easy.

    How important is it to set goals in professional sports? What are your goals / targets you are working towards in climbing and in life?

    I think having well thought out short and long-term goals is important for anyone looking to push themselves in sport. One of my dream climbs is Realization in Ceuse. It was one of the first videos I saw when I started climbing, and ever since then I have kept this route in the back of my mind when I set my other goals.

    How to you deal with extremely hard climbing problems? Do you ever get frustrated and give up on them or do they motivate you even more?

    The challenge that comes with hard climbing is one of my biggest motivators. For me I like to break the climb into sections then celebrate each little victory along the way. I'm not the person to give up on something, and have had many multi year projects. Finally sending a route that I have spent so much time, energy, mental focus, and gas money on is the best feeling ever!

  • Future of climbing

    Is there anything you would like to change about the current developments in climbing?

    I believe that right now we just need to continue to try and educate climbers about how they can impact the climbing community as a whole thought the choices they make when they are outside.

    Where do you think sport will go in the next few years? What will change? And what role will you play in it?

    I see the sport continuing to grow rapidly over the next few years. With this growth will come more crowds at climbing areas and at gyms. For me I try to do my best to educate new climbers about how to approach each aspect of the sport with respect for the land, rock, others, and themselves.