The absolute lightweight climbing helmet!

The proven and popular SALATHE climbing helmet in hybrid construction in an even lighter version with a robust shell made of innovative Curv® material. Despite its lightweight construction, the SALATHE LITE meets all requirements for wearing comfort and safety and reliably protects the head from impacts or falling rocks.

The SALATHE LITE is once again almost 20% lighter than its big brother! This weight reduction is achieved by using Curv® material instead of the classic ABS shell. Curv® is the latest generation of an extremely high-performance thermoplastic material. It has similar properties to fibre-reinforced composites such as carbon: good stiffness, high tensile strength and exceptionally high impact resistance - and all this at a very low weight.

Thanks to the ergonomic shape that encloses the head, the SALATHE LITE sits firmly on the head without being bulky and the deeper design ensures optimum impact protection on the sides as well as in the front and back of the head, tested according to EN 12492. The shape is also specially adapted for use with ski goggles.

For maximum wearing comfort, the SALATHE LITE has a few outstanding details: The large ventilation openings ensure optimal air circulation. The inner padding prevents pressure points and absorbs sweat. It can be removed for washing.

The sophisticated, user-friendly adjustment system made of webbing ensures a secure fit on the head and reduces weight and pack size to a minimum. Headlamps of all kinds can be quickly and securely attached to the helmet with two clips at the front and an elastic strap at the back.

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