Climbing and Mountain Sports Helmets

Accidents can happen without warning at any time or in any place, even in the most familiar terrain. That’s why a helmet is an important part of your gear. For your safety when doing mountain sports.

Whether you fall and risk hitting your head, the leader drops some gear, or rocks tumble down from above, your helmet can protect you against serious head injuries.

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The Best Helmets for Your Outdoor Adventures

EDELRID helmets have been protecting alpinists and climbers for 25 years—and these can fully rely on the quality and safety of our products. In addition to protecting the head, our mountain sports and climbing helmets also impress with good ventilation, innovative fastening systems, and robust headlamp mounts. Depending on the area of use, we offer three different helmet constructions: softshell, hybrid, and hard shell.

The Featherweights: Softshell Helmets

Softshell helmets, also known as in-mold helmets, are characterized by their low weight and good fit. They are growing in popularity and can now be found on the heads of many climbers and alpinists. However, you need to take particular care with softshell helmets when transporting and storing them as they are more sensitive than the other types of helmets.

Softshell helmets comprise a very thin outer shell made of polycarbonate, which is firmly connected to a shock-absorbing expanded polystyrene (EPS) core. In the event of an impact, the EPS core deforms and absorbs the energy. The polycarbonate shell protects the EPS core from damage. The resulting force is also distributed across the entire helmet shell.

The All-Rounders: Hybrid Helmets

Hybrid helmets are particularly robust all-rounders for climbing, mountaineering, and using via ferratas. They combine the advantages of softshell and hardshell helmets, striking a good balance between lightness and stability. The tough ABS plastic outer shell makes the helmet impact resistant while the inner EPS foam shell offers good cushioning properties.

The Strongmen: Hardshell Helmets

Hardshell helmets are the tried-and-tested classics. Their highly stable structure makes them ideal for commercial facilities such as climbing schools and adventure parks.

Hardshell helmets’ extremely robust and impact-resistant outer shell is usually made of polypropylene or ABS. The internal strap construction increases the cushioning properties and ensures that the helmet does not rest directly on the head. 

For more information on the different types of helmets, please check out our Knowledge Base.