Trend-setting belay carabiner with innovative locking mechanism, steel insert in the apex and without anodisation

Sport climbing is becoming more and more popular and climbers' demands on equipment are increasing. In addition to user-friendliness and safety, sustainability is also becoming more and more of a focus for them. The new HMS BULLETPROOF BELAY FG ECO fulfils all three points with flying colours. The belay carabiner can be operated with one hand, the locking mechanism always keeps the carabiner in an optimal position in the anchor loop and by not anodising it, the environment is protected.

The HMS BULLETPROOF BELAY FG ECO is an extremely robust belay carabiner with the proven steel insert from our Bulletproof series. This prevents premature wear, e.g. through rope friction, which extends the life of the rope and carabiner many times over.

The integrated wire shackle reliably prevents the carabiner from twisting in the anchor loop so that no unfavourable cross-loading occurs. In addition, the shackle can only be opened with pressure from above, so the anchor loop cannot accidentally come out of position. Thanks to the compact shape and the slider closure, the HMS BULLETPROOF BELAY FG ECO nevertheless has a slim profile and can also be operated with one hand.

Background knowledge on anodising carabiners

But how do you produce a carabiner in a more environmentally friendly way? Toxic chemicals are used in the anodising of hardware. The waste water produced after the dyeing process is toxic and, if not disposed of properly, extremely harmful to humans and the environment. In fact, anodising is primarily for colouring. It has no influence on the strength. It does slightly increase the corrosion resistance, but with normal use and proper storage this is negligible - especially for a belay carabiner primarily used indoors or for sport climbing. With the HMS BULLETPROOF BELAY FG ECO, consumers now have an ecological alternative to an anodised standard carabiner.

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