Foot Ascender for Efficient and Low-Fatigue Rope Climbing

Using a foot ascender is a particularly efficient and low-fatigue method of climbing single ropes. However, conventional foot ascenders can accidentally disengage from the rope if it is unfavorably positioned. The FOOT CRUISER incorporates a rope clamp that prevents accidental disengagement from the climbing rope. The locking mechanism is easily operated with the other foot and can even be removed if necessary, making it quick and easy to disengage from the system in an emergency.

Thanks to the low spring tension, the ascender runs extremely smoothly, making climbing easier and preventing premature fatigue. At the same time, a robust, stainless steel cam provides optimum bite, even on icy or muddy ropes. The adjustable foot strap ensures secure fixation of the foot and has an abrasion protector to prevent premature wear. The FOOT CRUISER is available in both right and left-foot versions.

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