We are delighted to present the exciting new and evolved products from EDELRID and Red Chili. In the 2024 summer collection, the climbing and mountaineering specialists from the Allgäu have focused on lightness, safety, comfort, and sustainability for the verticals.

The products in the 2024 collection are expected to be available from specialist retailers from February 2024.


Belay device with assisted braking and direct harness connection

A new belay experience with the EDELRID Pinch! Assisted braking delay device with direct harness connection without the use of a carabiner. The compact system provides direct feedback when belaying for safer handling and increased efficiency when delivering the rope. The integrated anti-panic function blocks the device if the brake lever is pulled too far back, making the Pinch the ideal belay device for beginners. Additional steel brake grooves ensure improved control when lowering and abseiling and prevent rope jamming. The universal application options make the Pinch your new companion for sport climbing, multi-pitch climbing and rope access techniques.

  • Direct harness attachment: First belay device on the market that can be attached directly to the central ring of the climbing harness as well as using a belay carabiner
  • Linear rope run: Full control when lowering and abseiling − less crane hangs in the rope
  • Deactivatable anti-panic function: The antipanic function can be permanently deactivated using a screw included in the packaging. Perfect for professionals or rope access techniques on thick ropes
  • Integrated second braking unit: If the anti-panic function is activated too often due to excessive rope friction, you can easily lower or abseil even with very low loads by continuing to pull the release lever
  • Versatile use: lead climbing, belaying a second, top roping, lowering and abseiling − one and the same device for sport climbing, multi-pitch routes and rope access techniques
  • More direct feedback due to close-to-the-body position when belaying
  • 20 - 30 cm more rope for each rope output


More freedom of movement and better handling

The innovative and successful Ohm is easier to use than ever thanks to a number of updates. The second generation of the assisted-braking resistor for increasing the braking effect when climbing in rope teams with major weight differences now has a swivel joint that improves its freedom of movement. As a result, the Ohm can now be clipped to the first bolt in any direction. The locking system prevents the device from opening accidentally and makes it easier to insert the rope and remove the Ohm when lowering. In the event of a fall, the rope is pulled into the Ohm’s brake unit to progressively arrest the fall. Instead of stopping the rope abruptly, the device slows its run-through speed. This enables the belayer to dynamically arrest the fall irrespective of the belay device used. The belayer requires far less hand strength to hold the brake rope and will not be uncontrollably pulled upwards or against the wall. 

  • Assisted-braking resistor for increasing the braking effect in the event of major weight differences
  • Now with a swivel joint for greater freedom of movement
  • Far fewer forces are exerted on the belayer
  • Better control when lowering a heavier person
  • Less risk of collision in the event of a fall on the first bolt
  • Installed on the first bolt in the belay chain
  • “Makes the belayer 25 kg heavier”
  • No handling restrictions when lead climbing (no rope friction when paying out the rope)
  • Minimum belayer weight: 40 kg
  • For single ropes with a diameter of 8.9–11.0 mm
  • Weight: 450 g


Sport climbing harness made from recycled materials

The Moe 3R is the first partially recycled sport climbing harness on the market. All polyester textile components, including the padding, are made from recycled materials. This results in numerous unique color variations—no two Moe 3R’s are completely alike. In creating the product, the developers were careful to select single-origin polyester so that this can be reintegrated into the recycling process. To make the recycled material content as high as possible, EDELRID uses polyester fleece as a carrier material instead of foam. The butterfly shape of the waist belt optimally distributes loads and enhances hanging comfort. The Dyneema® central loop, the abrasion protector on the parallel tie-in points and the load-bearing twine bar, the elasticated leg loop straps, the Slide Block buckle, and the indicator thread are not made from recycled materials.

  • All polyester textile components and the padding made from recycled materials
  • Single-origin polyester in all textiles for simple reintegration into the recycling process
  • Easy-Glider buckle for a comfortable and secure fit
  • 4 symmetrical gear loops and 2 attachment options for ice screw clips
  • Central loop with a kernmantle construction
  • Parallel tie-in points on the hip and leg loop bridges with Dyneema® abrasion protection and interwoven red threads as wear indicators that become visible following high levels of abrasion
  • Outer fabrics made from bluesign®-certified materials
  • Weight: 352 g (S), 379 g (M), or 408 g (L)
  • Unique coloring due to recycled materials


The world’s lightest climbing harness

The lightest climbing harness on the market by far. In creating the Loopo Air, the EDELRID developers have demonstrated what is possible in terms of weight reduction and ultra-small pack sizes. The fully certified harness with two gear loops is as light as a feather, weighing just 50 g in size M, and can be folded to the size of a fist.

The LightFrame design made of Dyneema® with two circumferential edge straps provides the necessary secure fit. A hybrid laminate made of polyester and Dyneema® as a carrier material enables even force distribution and a minimal weight. The Loopo Air is the perfect harness for ski touring and high mountain tours or as a transmitter harness for competitions, speed, or 9c+.

  • Load-bearing construction made from ultralight, high-strength Dyneema®
  • Halved tie-in point and click buckle make the harness easy to put on and adjust
  • Two fabric gear loops
  • Weight: 46 g (S), 49 g (M), or 53 g (L)
  • Color: white


The ultralight EDELRID via ferrata set has received a number of updates for 2024 to make it the lightest model on the market at present. The extremely light, thin, elasticated arms made of wear-resistant HMPE enable a long range. The ultralight carabiners are easy to use and contribute to the set’s overall low weight. The compact shock absorber and short hanging length offer outstanding handling. The Cable Kit Ultralite is a compact, simple, minimalistic, and lightweight via ferrata set—the perfect solution for all mountain guides and fans of ultralight gear.

  • Currently the lightest via ferrata set on the market
  • Thin, light, elasticated HMPE arms
  • Ultralight carabiners for optimum handling with minimum weight
  • Rest loop situated on the shock absorber
  • Elasticated webbing keeps the carabiners close to hand
  • Shock absorber in compliance with EN 958: 2017: low impact forces in all weight classes
  • Complies with the current standard EN 958: 2017 even with 180° misuse
  • Weight: 255 g
  • Weight category: 40–120 kg
  • Color: night-oasis


Lightweight alpine guide tuber

The lightweight belay device is specially designed for use with thin half and twin ropes. The manual braking device provides outstanding braking performance. The optimized geometry enabled the EDELRID developers to use abrasion-resistant stainless steel while also achieving a low weight of 80 g.

  • Guide tuber for alpine tours with outstanding braking performance that enables the use of the half-rope technique even with small rope diameters
  • Suitable for belaying a leader, bringing up one or two followers, and rappelling
  • Robust, abrasion-resistant, stainless steel structure with a minimal weight thanks to the optimum shape
  • Suitable for ropes with a diameter of 7.1 mm to 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Color: slate


A sensitive performance slipper

A brand-new performance shoe with a timeless design, an ultra-sensitive, highly performance-oriented construction, and lots of rubber, the Clue is the perfect choice for bouldering problems, slabs, and demanding overhang climbs. Its aggressive shape creates the necessary tension despite the particularly soft Vibram XS sole, which in turn provides plenty of sensitivity. The RC-SENSE midsole in the forefoot area only provides support along its edges due to its shape. This gives the Clue excellent edge stability despite its soft structure and enables it to retain maximum sensitivity in the middle of the sole. The stretch tongue makes the slippers easy to put on while a VCR strap ensures a secure fit.

  • Highly sensitive performance slipper with a VCR strap and a large toe patch for bouldering and climbing in gyms and on rock
  • RC-SENSE midsole in the forefoot area for maximum sensitivity and optimum clawing properties
  • Vibram XS grip sole for outstanding feeling when stepping and impressive levels of friction
  • Slightly asymmetrical
  • Powerful downturn and stronger pre-tensioning
  • UK sizes 3–12
  • Color: night-snow


Made from post-consumer recycled material

In summer 2024, the well-established Ventic Air Lace will impress with a revised rand that offers even more space. In combination with the moderate downturn and the slight pre-tensioning, it offers the perfect balance of incredible comfort and outstanding performance characteristics. All of the textile elements—the fabric, laces, lace loops, and even the pull-on loops—are made from post-consumer recycled polyester and produced in line with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Thanks to the breathable knit design with maximum stretch, the shoes are extremely easy to put on and take off, and offer excellent ventilation. The laces and minimal elongation in the upper together ensure a firm fit and good stability. An extremely comfortable shoe for all those who are relatively new to climbing and want slightly more performance and technology as well as a more responsible lace-up alternative.

  • An extremely comfortable, well-ventilated climbing and bouldering shoe for long sessions and multi-pitch routes, that not only offers stability and support but also great sensitivity
  • Textile components made from post-consumer recycled polyester
  • Red Chili RX-2 TECHGRIP sole with excellent edge stability provides support when standing on small footholds
  • Red Chili RC-SUPPORT midsole offers plenty of support and a secure fit
  • Neutral shoe shape for maximum comfort
  • Laces for an optimum fit
  • UK sizes 3–12
  • Color: anthracite


Comfortable, sensitive, and supportive

Red Chili has made its well-established Ventic Air more comfortable than ever for summer 2024. The revised rand offers more space for the feet. In combination with the moderate downturn and the slight pre-tensioning, the shoes combine incredible comfort with outstanding performance characteristics. Thanks to the breathable knit design with maximum stretch, they are extremely easy to put on and take off, and keep the feet well-ventilated at all times. The minimal elongation in the upper ensures a firm fit and good stability. An extremely comfortable shoe for all those who are relatively new to climbing and want a model with slightly more performance and technology.

  • An extremely comfortable, well-ventilated climbing and bouldering shoe for long sessions and multi-pitch routes, that not only offers stability and support but also great sensitivity
  • Red Chili RX-2 TECHGRIP sole with excellent edge stability provides support when standing on small footholds
  • Red Chili RC-SUPPORT midsole offers plenty of support and a secure fit
  • Neutral shoe shape for maximum comfort
  • Two offset VCR straps for optimal adjustment
  • UK sizes 3–12
  • Color: blue


Since its establishment in 1863, EDELRID has developed into a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), especially ropes and climbing equipment. EDELRID products are developed for mountaineering and climbing. Furthermore, EDELRID climbing equipment is used for professional purposes, for example for work safety, industrial climbing, tree care, mountain rescues, and rescues from heights. The company is particularly characterized by outstanding innovation and its focus on sustainability. EDELRID specializes in the development and production of ropes, and brought the first bluesign® certified ropes to the market. All product development activities take place at the head office in the German town of Isny im Allgäu, where 60 percent of all products (including 100 percent of ropes) are produced. This guarantees not only exceptional quality and functionality, but also ongoing innovation. The renowned climbing shoe brand Red Chili has been part of EDELRID’s product portfolio since 2017. Since 2022, the EDELRID Group has also included avalanche backpack manufacturer ABS Sports + Protection GmbH & Co. KG.


Red Chili is an EDELRID GmbH & Co. KG brand

The Red Chili brand includes climbing and bouldering shoes, clothing, and accessories. The products are developed, designed, and created in southern Germany—in the midst of a strong and active climbing community. They use innovative, sustainable materials that support comfort and personal performance. Red Chili shoes and clothing are designed to promote climbing and bouldering fun, and include models for everyone from young children to professionals. What has set Red Chili apart for over 25 years is the comfort of the shoes—after all, only when everything fits perfectly can personal limits be pushed to new heights.