Application field: Scaffoldings

Scaffoldings: The Vertical Working World

Versatile Safety

Workplaces at height can be found in the widest range of areas. To work safely, personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) is required. Whether constructing scaffolding, working on flat roofs, or performing energy supply and telecommunications work, personal fall protection equipment must be used everywhere.

Workers must also be specially trained in the use of such equipment and rescue techniques. To this end, EDELRID offers products with impressively high levels of safety and comfort.

Scaffolding construction

Whether modular or frame scaffolding, scaffolding construction always involves a certain risk of falling. To safely erect and dismantle scaffolding, the use of personal fall protection equipment, with scaffolding sets precisely tailored to requirements, is more than recommended. Scaffolding sets have a specially approved lanyard extension to enable the greatest possible freedom of movement on the scaffolding. A helmet and gloves are also important PPE items. One thing that differentiates scaffolding construction from other areas with a risk of falling is that the anchor points are specified for scaffolding components by the manufacturers. As such, there are not usually any standardized, color-coded anchor points on the scaffolding. The scaffolding frame, bars, or connection points can all be potential anchor points. As there is always a risk of falling from scaffolding, an appropriate rescue procedure should also be defined. Lifting rescue devices are particularly suitable in this regard as they are so simple and safe to use. Regular training is required on the use of personal fall protection equipment and rescue techniques.

Roofing work

When building or restoring roofs and when there are no railings or safety nets to prevent falls when working on roofs, personal fall protection equipment has to be used. 

For roofing work where there is no need to enter the area that poses a risk of a fall, it suffices to use a simple fall arrest harness pursuant to EN 361 in conjunction with a restraint system that stops the person from entering the hazardous area. However, these systems are not suitable for arresting a fall. 

If there is a risk of falling, either guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line pursuant to EN 353-2 or lanyards pursuant to EN 354 in conjunction with a full body harnesses pursuant to EN 361 can be used.