Application field: Route setting

Route Setting: Cool Routes, More Fun

Route Setting Combines Passion, Creativity, and Responsibility

In recent years, climbing and bouldering have evolved from minor niche sports with a dirtbag image to a genuine mass phenomenon. Multiple climbing and bouldering gyms have sprung up in big cities in particular. The small, dusty training rooms have turned into professional sports facilities with unique designs and concepts. Climbing has developed into a mass sport.


The people who attend the gyms want to have fun, train, switch off from everyday life, and be challenged by new and interesting problems. Varied, creative climbing routes and bouldering problems are the main product that gyms offer people. After all, the quality of the set lines ultimately plays a major role in determining whether they enjoy their time in the gym and keep coming back. This makes route setting one of the key pillars in a gym’s success.

EDELRID products for route setting in climbing facilities

We develop ergonomic, intuitive, and practical products that are specially tailored to route setting needs and make everyday work in this field simpler. Our new technical developments are always based on intensive dialog with experts to ensure we have a good understanding of expectations and can offer products that meet the different requirements.

Route setting with lifting platforms

Anyone with the opportunity to use a lifting platform can count themselves extremely lucky. Large and, above all, steep climbing walls can be quickly and conveniently set from the platform basket. But personal fall protection equipment also has to be used to prevent people from falling if catapulted or whipped out of the basket.

Depending on the platform, such equipment can be a restraint system comprising a restraint harness and an adjustable lanyard or a fall arrest system comprising a full body harnesses and a lanyard with a shock absorber.

Innovative solutions for wall construction: simple, comfortable, and safe

We also offer innovative products for wall construction, such as our high-end top-rope anchor TOPPER STATION or our special quickdraws for gyms with robust steel carabiners and an impact guard to reduce noise.