Lightweight sport climbing harness for high performance

      The PRISMA is one of the lightest sport climbing harnesses on the market. Despite its low weight, it offers astonishingly impressive comfort. This is made possible by the innovative Light Frame construction comprising high-strength Dyneema® straps.

      Harnesses made with a load-bearing edge binding construction are particularly lightweight. The edge binding runs throughout the entire harness, so that it safely carries the load around both the hips and the legs. Weight is proportionately distributed from the webbing to the padding. 


      A further highlight of the PRISMA is the new (1) tie-in loop. This is made of a combination of Dyneema® on the inside and polyamide on the outside. As a result, it is not only lightweight and abrasion resistant but also impressively flexible, making the harness far more comfortable to wear.
      The focus on minimum weight also extended to the additional features. The four sheathed (2) gear loops made from high-strength Dyneema® keep the weight to a minimum while still being sufficiently rigid for easy gear access.

      Two (3) ice screw clips can also be attached if necessary. The (4) chalk bag loop on the back rounds off the climbing harness.

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