Children have a very different anatomy, center of gravity and body tension to adults, therefore, child-specific harnesses are a necessity. EDELRID children's harnesses are designed so they can be put on intuitively and kids can become more independent and safety conscious. Please note: the final check should always be carried out by an adult.



You can never start early enough. Harnesses for small children are full body harnesses for children weighing up to 40 kg. EDELRID harnesses for small children are designed specifically for budding junior climbers and "grow" with them. We combine different textile parts that can be adjusted to ensure an optimal anatomical fit for each child. Our full-body harnesses for small children also have an additional attachment point at the back. If a child is tied into a rope at this point then the front tie-in loop must always be securely closed with a locking carabiner (see illustration). The rear harness attachment point provides additional security in steep terrain or when skiing.


Once children have grown and their hips have started to fill out, they then progress from a children's full-body harness to a children's sit harness, although they also need to have enough body tension. To be on the safe side you can always combine a children's sit harness with a children's chest harness. Sit harnesses for children can generally be continually adjusted to fit as they get older. So they "grow" with their owners, as it were. Our children's sit harnesses have elasticated leg loop attachments to prevent them from twisting.