ALPIN Komfort-Tipp: Harness HELIOS

The climbing harness is an important component for one's own safety in climbing sports. The lifesaver as we know it today was not developed until the late 1970s. Before that, climbers secured themselves with ropes that they tied around their waists. Nowadays, there is a wide range of different hip belts that meet certain requirements in terms of comfort, weight and pack size, depending on the activity.

The most comfortable EDELRID climbing harness for men and women

EDELRID is a pioneer in the field of comfortable climbing harnesses. Most recently, we collaborated with researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to further optimize the load distribution of our harnesses, as well as the pressure zones when leaning and free hanging. The result is our most comfortable climbing harnesses, HELIOS and HELIA. The HELIOS is particularly suitable for climbers with an "O-shaped" body, i.e. a similar circumference at the hips and waist. For women and climbers with an "A-shaped" body, where the waist is narrower compared to the hips, we recommend the HELIA climbing harness. Thanks to 3D Pad technology, you can expect maximum comfort with low weight and small pack size. The padding of the climbing harness was minimized to strategically useful places, but reinforced there, which ensures the greatest possible comfort. This was also the conclusion reached by the mountain magazine ALPIN in August, which tested 10 climbing harnesses from different manufacturers in use on the rock, in the hall and while walking. We are very pleased about the award of our HELIOS as ALPIN Komfort-Tipp!

You are unsure which climbing harness is right for you? We asked several athletes which harness they use for their activities. Maybe our article will help you find your new favorite harness.

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