Why Polyester?

          Polyester has a markedly higher abrasion resistance than other sheath yarns. However, polyester is a much more static material than polyamide (PA elongation at break: 20%, PES elongation at break: 15%). For this reason, manufacturers generally use polyamide for dynamic ropes. Thanks to our years of accumulated know-how and our targeted optimization of processes, we have succeeded in manufacturing the first polyester rope in accordance with EN 892.

          An added bonus is that polyester has significantly higher resistance to chemicals (e.g. detergents for cleaning climbing holds) than polyamide.
          The Boa Gym 9.8 mm also impresses in terms of technology and equipment. The double-braided design ensures a highly compact and smooth sheath structure. This additionally increases the abrasion resistance and provides a particularly smooth yet non-slip handling experience for all ages. In addition, the Boa Gym's core and sheath yarns are bonded together in the braiding process. As a result, sheath displacement is reduced to a minimum and the durability of the rope is significantly increased.

          Of course, the Boa Gym is also manufactured using the 3D Lap Coiling process, which is our new winding technique. This means the rope is immediately ready to use. In combination with the sophisticated packaging design, it is now very easy to unpack the new rope straight at the wall. Annoying tangles and twists are now a thing of the past. Just unpack and climb!


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