Activity Canyoning

Canyoning: The fascinating World of Rock & Water

Action and nature experience in one

Reliable equipment for canyoning tours

Canyoning is a great way to explore beautiful, wild settings, discover idyllic oases and spectacular views, and experience the fascinating power of water. You are awaited by natural obstacles, which you need to overcome through creativity, courage, and the right technique. Canyoning brilliantly combines fun and action, relaxation and a completely natural experience, as well as trust and safety. Your gear has to work perfectly—without compromise—for you to safely enjoy your adventure, whether you’ve headed out on your own or are guiding others.


Here at EDELRID, we are all mountain sports enthusiasts. This passion, our unbridled curiosity, and our love of sophisticated, quality products drive us to constantly improve our gear. Our aim is for our equipment to make your daily working routine and journeys of discovery in canyons easier for you while also offering you comfort, reliability, and optimum safety

Canyoning harness

Our two canyoning harnesses are manufactured in our partner VAUDE Vietnam’s in-house production facilities, where we have installed an EDELRID production line for our harnesses and can guarantee not only the best workmanship and quality but also good social and work conditions. This naturally includes us paying above-average wages and our local employees being able to rely on us. This results in satisfied staff, modern standards, and premium products. 

Our two canyoning harnesses, IGUAZU and IRUPU, are made of a durable material that absorbs little water. They have a robust, replaceable, and seamless abrasion protector. The IGUAZU for guides comes with a wide range of features including two high-strength gear loops that can be freely positioned and a canyoning knife holder on the leg loop bridge. Thanks to the stitched clamping buckles with tension straps and the right/left labeling on the leg loops, the IRUPU for rental use is easy to put on and take off. It has an extra-large tie-in loop and the two gear loops offer plenty of space to hold all the necessary equipment.

Figure eight descenders, self-belays, and carabiners

We put a great deal of thought and passion into the design of our carabiners, belay devices, and descenders. As rappelling is one of the most important techniques needed in almost every canyon, we have developed a special figure eight descender. The HANNIBAL has an extraordinary geometry for different levels of braking. This enables your visitors to precisely adjust their rappelling speed. The integrated rubber ring holds the carabiner in place to prevent hazardous cross loading. Locking carabiners, such as the HMS MAGNUM SCREW, have generally proven the best choices for canyoning. The large HMS carabiner with an integrated spring bar for preventing cross loading has a particularly large locking sleeve, which is easy to operate even when wet. For self-belaying, we recommend the Y-shaped SWITCH DOUBLE belay station sling. Various positions can be selected thanks to the different-length arms.

Canyoning knives

As an important piece of rescue equipment, your knife must be easily accessible at all times. Our ergonomically designed RESCUE CANYONING KNIFE for cutting through rope and webbing is easy to hold, has a finger hole for better grip when swimming, a stainless steel, serrated blade, a rounded tip, and a safety leash. The hard plastic holster makes it easy to attach to the canyoning harness.


Clothing and gear have to be securely transported to and through canyons. This means that backpacks endure a fair deal. They have to be robust and abrasion resistant while still being lightweight enough to be comfortably carried. The two canyoning bags from EDELRID are made of strong tarpaulin with numerous openings to allow water to drain out. They also have a robust, reinforced base and color-coded gear loops to help you clearly organize your equipment.