For All Alpinists and Mountain Guides for Whom Every Gram Counts

Aside from safety, there are two key factors on high mountain tours, high mountain ski tours, and combined winter tours: weight and pack size. The LOOPO LITE impresses in both these regards while also being comfortable to wear and extremely easy to use, even when wearing gloves.Weighing an imperceptible 105 grams (size S) and only the size of a fist when rolled up, you’ll barely even notice the LOOPO LITE in your backpack during your access ascents. If you don’t want to remove your crampons or skis at the exposed start of a ski run or rappelling point, it’s no problem as the harness is extremely quick and easy to put on without having to lift a single leg. Thanks to the reflective strap on the tie-in loops, this even applies in the dark, for example with the very early starts typical of high mountain tours.

The buckles for putting on and adjusting the waist belt and leg loops are designed to enable optimum use, even when wearing gloves. Once the harness is on, the four gear loops made of light and tear-resistant Dyneema® offer plenty of room for your equipment.

The design and choice of material not only make the harness extremely comfortable when walking and climbing but also prevent it from annoying the wearer or rubbing even on long tours.

This all makes the LOOPO LITE a predestined companion for every form of lightweight alpinism.

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