The best of two worlds

Have you agreed to go bouldering or sport climbing but don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry. All that really matters is that your clothes are comfortable and don’t restrict your movement. Although you don’t need high-end performance clothing for either gyms or crags, a few important features like stretch, flexibility, and robustness will both enhance and extend your enjoyment.

The cut of our clothing therefore enables full freedom of movement. Cool prints and sophisticated details provide the right style. We are also committed to using sustainable natural materials that are produced fairly and offer the best of both worlds through their combination with high-quality, climbing-specific functional materials.

    Bouldering & climbing pants

    Climbing or bouldering pants have to guarantee freedom of movement and be durable enough not to rip as soon as they come into contact with the wall. Depending on the time of year and your own sensitivity to heat, you will need either shorts or full-length pants that stop you grazing your knees. Our collection offers a mix of highly tear-resistant, comfortable, and casual models that look great away from the gym or climbing park too. The new Dyneema® jeans with outstanding abrasion and tear resistance are particularly cool. You can also choose from a range of casual, lightweight, stretchy trousers made from organic cotton, Tencel, recycled polyester, and elastane.

    EDELRID Hoodies

    It can sometimes get a little chilly when you’re belaying, spotting, or hanging out. An ideal solution is to pull on a cozy hoody that both keeps you warm and looks great. Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, our hoodies and round-neck pullovers look ultra-cool with their fresh colors and graphic prints.


    Our t-shirts are made of either 100% organic cotton or a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Choose from a variety of colors and graphic prints to create your own climbing look.

    Gloves &

    Gloves protect your skin when belaying, aid climbing, or on via ferratas. Our wide range of leather and nylon models are robust and practical. And when it comes to style and function, the right headwear is naturally also a must as the body loses a great deal of heat via the head. You can also use our practical belt as a lashing strap—MacGyver-style.

    Our materials

    • Dyneema®

      This is the brand name for a textile, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber from the company Koninklijke DSM N.V. It is characterized by an outstanding strength-weight ratio (tensile strength of 3,400 N/mm2 at a density of just 0.97 g/cm3). To date, the primary uses of Dyneema® in the field of climbing have been in slings and webbing. In our clothing, we use composite fabrics with Dyneema®, thereby achieving significantly greater tear and abrasion resistance. The Dyneema® denim used for our DY.EN.A PANTS is four times more abrasion resistant than normal denim of comparable quality. These advantages are particularly beneficial in the field of climbing as clothing is subjected to far greater strain than in everyday life due to rope friction or contact with sharp rock. At the same time, the Dyneema® content reduces the fabric’s overall weight.

    • Recover®

      Recover® is a particularly sustainable textile fiber from Ferre. What makes it special is that it is produced from second-hand clothes and textile waste. To do this, the textiles are cut up, shredded, then newly woven. The range of colors is created by combining different-colored starter fabrics. Depending on the product, Recover® is combined with other sustainable materials (e.g. from recycled PET bottles) to achieve specific material properties.

      The benefits of Recover® include:

      • no dyeing process and therefore no need for water or chemicals,
      • almost no greenhouse gases are generated during production,
      • the upcycling process can be infinitely repeated.
    • Tecnowool

      Tecnowool combines the benefits of synthetic fibers on the inside with the natural appearance of wool on the outside. The synthetic fibers wick moisture away from the body, the woolen fibers absorb the moisture and release it into the environment through evaporation. This keeps you dry for longer. The wool in Tecnowool is 100% recycled and chlorine free. Tecnowool clothing is also machine washable.

    • Tencel®

      Tencel® is a functional fiber obtained from cellulose. The production process is extremely kind on the environment as the solvents can be 100% recycled in a closed cycle. Tencel® fibers have a high dry and wet strength, are soft, and absorb moisture extremely well. Textiles made from Tencel® feel smooth and cool, crease little, and can be both washed and chemically cleaned.

    • Organic Cotton

      Conventional cotton requires more chemicals per unit of area than any other crop, making it responsible for over 15% of pesticides worldwide. By using 100% organic cotton, we have taken a further step toward more sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor clothing. A “yes” to organic cotton is a “yes” to:

      • natural, untreated, non-genetically-modified seeds,
      • healthy soil thanks to sustainable crop production,
      • natural cotton from certified organic cultivation,
      • living wages and fair working conditions.