Universal abseiling device for industrial climbing and rescue operations weighing only 495 g. Certified according to EN 12841-C, EN 341-2A, EN 15151-1/8 and ANSI/ASSE Z359.4.



Traveling fall-arrest device that travels along the belay rope from the first metre with inimitable ease in both ascent and abseil. Certified according to EN 353-2, EN 12841-A, RfU 11.075 and ANSI Z359.15.

Experience live the intuitive handling and great versatility of both products. These EDELRID innovations give you vertical freedom.
Contact your training centre and register - participation is free and places are limited. Participants will be entered into a draw for a MEGAWATT worth € 190 at each stop.


You can find here all dates:

Date Who Where Contact Email Trainings centre
10.10.2022 EDELRID Isny nur eingeladene Gäste
11.10.2022 Agora Akademie Goitzsche GmbH Muldestausee OT Pouch Anja Martschei [email protected]
12.10.2022 SIZ Schulungszentrum Berlin / Hennigsdorf Silvio Mieske [email protected]
03.11.2022 Bergzeug München Peter Gruber [email protected]
04.11.2022 Höhenwerkstatt Trainingszentrum Baden bei Wien Wien Thomas Sack - EDELRID [email protected]
09.11.2022 Heidenberger Industrieklettern Ruhstorf a. d. Rott Steffi Laaths/Josef Heidenberger [email protected]
12.12.2022 Steady Climbing Bremen Yvonne Rogas [email protected]
13.12.2022 Kölner Seil Kommando Köln Christian Otter [email protected]
14.12.2022 Rope Rescue Rotterdam Rado Cerovsik [email protected]
15.12.2022 ISEC, Safety emergency training Melsele (Beveren Antwerpen) Leander Karageorgos [email protected]