Proven bicolour rope with sustainable Eco Dry coating

This rope is the newest member of our #ClimbGreen collection and was developed in collaboration with top climber Tommy Caldwell. The high sheath content makes it extremely abrasion-resistant and thanks to the PFC- (and PFAS-)free Eco Dry coating, it is permanently water and dirt repellent. The collaboration between climbing legend Tommy Caldwell and EDELRID has already existed for several years. Thanks to a lively exchange and valuable feedback, this cooperation has already resulted in some outstanding products. The common concerns and views also play a major role: safety, innovation, and sustainability. The latest result of this cooperation is the TOMMY CALDWELL ECO DRY DT 9.6 MM, a rope that is extremely robust thanks to its high sheath content and at the same time particularly sustainable thanks to the newly applied Eco Dry finish. Usually poly- and perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) and also their subcategory of PFAS are used, which make outdoor equipment resistant to oil, grease and water.

Once released into the environment, however, the chemicals degrade very slowly and thus pose a long-term environmental problem. With Eco Dry finishing technology, we have succeeded in developing a process that is almost on a par with high-performance PFCs and PFAS. 

Due to their three-dimensional kernmantle construction, the treatment process of ropes is very complex. This is because the finishing process must never compromise the safety and functionality of a climbing rope. The Eco Dry process meets all these requirements, while being 100% free of PFCs and PFAS and also fulfilling the UIAA water repellant standard. It absorbs less than 1 to 2 % of its own weight in water. Like all EDELRID ropes, the TOMMY CALDWELL ECO DRY DT 9.6 MM is bluesign® certified.

The TOMMY CALDWELL ECO DRY DT 9.6 MM is made using the Duo Tec process, a patented braiding process developed by EDELRID for making bicolour ropes. In this process, the two halves of the rope are clearly distinguishable from each other by a pattern change in the middle of the rope. The centre of the rope is always clearly visible, which is a great advantage especially when abseiling, picking up ropes or estimating the remaining rope length. This change is achieved by a two-coloured band woven into the sheath. In the middle of the rope, the band automatically changes from one side (e.g. green) to the other (e.g. black). This gives the rope a permanent centre marking.

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