World First in the Static Rope Sector: Reinforced by Aramid Fibers

          The INTERSTATIC PROTECT is a real world first in the static rope sector. In a special braiding process, high-strength aramid fibres are braided into the rope sheath. Compared to polyester or polyamide, aramid has a significantly higher cut resistance. The result is a static rope with almost twice the cut resistance of ropes with comparable sheath content and diameter.

          In the construction, we rely on dimensionally stable core yarns in combination with a fanned sheath. This combination ensures high breaking values, minimal shrinkage and low elongation behaviour under load. At the same time, thanks to the Thermo Shield treatment, the rope remains pleasantly soft to handle, making it easy to use with all abseiling and rescue equipment.


          In this process, the yarns are wound in parallel on bobbins without twisting. Because the fibres are processed in parallel, maximum fibre utilisation is achieved and the technical values in terms of maximum breaking forces are the highest achievable. The only disadvantage is the somewhat lower abrasion resistance than with twisted constructions.


          The standard process for making core inserts. Depending on the respective construction, 3 basic twists (possibly 5 or 6) are twisted to form a core. In static ropes, 13 - 22 of these core plies form the load-bearing core.

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