Limit your ecological footprint... and give yourself a unique present: The fleece-lined DIY chalk bag with drawstring to design yourself.
The set contains everything you need for sewing; including four patches of different colours made from leftovers from our production.

Sewing instructions for the DIY Chalkbag

  • 1. You need these materials
    • sewing machine
    • sewing thread
    • scissors
    • cutting chalk / marking pencil
  • 2. Check and prepare materials from the craft box
    • 1x webbing Parrot (120 cm)
    • 1x cord (60 cm)
    • 2x belt loops (10 cm)
    • 1x brush holder (5 cm)
    • 1x belt loop (5 cm)
    • 1x belt buckle
    • 1x cord stopper

    packing size: 46 cm x 22 cm

    finished size: 43 cm x 20 cm

  • 3. Cut the "packaging" open

    1. Cut off the paper label on the red line as shown in the illustration.

    2. Remove contents from bag.

    3. Turn the packaging bag over and cut off the sides at 1.0 cm each.

    MARK UP!


    Cut the enclosed patches into shape and glue or sew to the outer fabric. There are no limits to your imagination.

  • 4. Sew the chalk bag


    Fold the outer fabric in half and place the brush holder with the closed side facing inwards against the marking.
    The closed side is at the bottom.


    Do not sew up where the mark for the gap of the cord is.
    Sew the opening well at the top and at the bottom.

    Close the right and left sides of the outer fabric.
    Seam allowance: Quilting foot width (0.5 cm - 0.7 cm

    TIP: Set stitch length to 3-4

  • 5. Sew off the corners of the outer fabric

    Right side points inwards.

    Place corners on top of each other and sew at 2.5 cm (measured from corner point).

  • 6. Sew inner bag

    Fold the inner fleece in half.
    Closed side facing down.


    Leave a gap for the cord.
    Sew the opening at the top and bottom.

    Close the right and left sides of the fleece fabric.
    Seam allowance: Quilting foot width (0.5 cm - 0.7 cm).

    Sew the corners of the inner bag in the same way as the outer bag.

  • 7. Connect outer & inner bag

    Place the outer and inner bags on top of each other and sew together in the same seam on the corners.
    Seam allowance: Sew in the same seam.


    The openings for the cord of the inner and outer bag must be on the same side.
    Cut off protruding corners at approx. 0.5 cm.


    The printed side of the outer fabric faces outwards.
    The "nicer" side of the fleece fabric faces inwards.

  • 8. Sew elastic fabric

    Fold the elastic fabric in the middle. Now close the open side with a seam allowance of 1.0 cm.

    Leave the opening for the cord open.

    Turn over elastic fabric.

    Make sure that the markings are on the inside.

    Fold the elastic fabric again to create a "round tunnel".

    Insert the elastic fabric into the fleece bag with the open side facing upwards.

    The opening for the cord must point outwards.

  • 9. Threading the cord

    Fold the cord cord in half and thread it with the closed side through the outer bag, the fleece bag and the elastic fabric.
    Insert the cord into the elastic fabric in a circle.

    Thread the cord stopper into the cord and knot the cord.

  • 10. Close elastic fabric

    Now close the open side of the elastic fabric circularly. Make sure that you do not fix the cord.
    Seam allowance: Quilt foot width (0,5 cm - 0,7 cm 

    Tip: In order to be able to process the elastic fabric better, you can loosen the thread tension a little

  • 11. Sew upper edge from outer fabric

    Turn the edge of the outer fabric over 1.5 cm and topstitch closely to the upper edge of the outer fabric.

  • 12. Connect cord cover & inner fleece

    Fold the outer bag down for better handling.

    Sew outer bag and fleece bag together right side on right side.

    Seam allowance: Quilt foot width (0.5 cm - 0.7 cm)

  • 13. Connect cord cover & outer fabric

    Slide the seam where the inner fleece and elastic were joined under the folded edge of the outer fabric.

    Fold the edge of the outer fabric inwards and connect the elastic with the outer fabric.

    Seam allowance: Sew on the existing seam of the outer fabric.

  • 14. Sew belt loops & belt strap

    Attach the belt loops to the back of the chalkbag at a distance of approx. 7.0 cm.

    Seam allowance: Sew as close as possible to the end of the belt loop.


    Thread the webbing (rope piece) into the receiver piece of the buckle and lay it double. Then topstitch both firmly.

    Thread the other end of the webbing into the slider of the buckle. Fold over the end of the webbing and sew.

    Now fold the elastic band in half and topstitch. Now thread it over both ends of the webbing.
    Thread the webbing into belt loops.