Activity Ski touring

Mountaineering with Touring Skis & Splitboard

Ski and board through Winter Wonderland

Out into the winter landscape, the snow dampens all sounds, under the skis only the snow crunches. Between snow-covered trees, along wide slopes, high along steep couloirs and exposed ridges. Every ski tour is different, and everyone looks for different challenges on their tours - from the relaxing after-work tour to ambitious ski traverses lasting several days to technically demanding combined tours in alpine terrain.

Depending on the requirements of the chosen tour, different equipment is needed. Light aluminum crampons for the last steep summit push over the snow ridge to or ice tools for the demanding ascent over the north face!? Protection when travelling crevasse-rich glaciers or abseiling into the chute for the ski descent!?

Depending on the challenge, it is important to be well prepared. Choosing the proper equipment is an elementary part of the planning of a tour. Therefore, we want to answer a few frequently asked questions:

For combined tours, where you can skin up to the ridge on touring skis and then climb the rocky ridge to the summit, for example, the more robust steel crampons are therefore the best choice. If difficult and demanding climbing on rock and ice is required on the tour, it is also worthwhile to go for crampons with special frontal teeth (mono or duo points) such as our BEAST.

Good to know: With all our crampons, different binding options can be installed and combined. Thus, the crampon can be ideally adapted to the respective shoe, whether ski boot or mountaineering boot, whether semi-, soft or automatic binding.


Ultra-light aluminum crampons for glacier and ski touring without rock contact. Thanks to the textile Dyneema® bridge, the crampons can be compactly folded up for carrying. We recommend using the Shark Lite only with boots with stiff soles / ski touring boots.

  • Ultra-light aluminum design
  • Textile Dyneema® bridge minimizes the weight and makes it possible to fold the crampons in half
  • Simple size adjustment without tools
  • Suitable for use with crampon-compatible alpine and ski boots
  • Transport bag included


High-end crampons made of high-grade steel for steep ice and mixed climbing.

  • Extremely lightweight and robust 3-D design
  • Anti-bot plates included
  • Hardened steel front teeth for ultimate penetration on steep ice
  • Can be adjusted from automatic to semi-automatic
  • Quick and easy bridge adjustment (also fits larger boot sizes)
  • Intelligent interchangeable system: separate front teeth for quick and easy (single-bolt) adjustment from double to mono point
  • Strap keeper to store away webbing

    Which ropes can be used for glacier travelling?

    Basically, any single or half rope can be used for easy walking on the glacier. Under certain conditions, special accessory cords such as our RAP LINE PROTECT PRO DRY 6.0 MM can also be used, but one must be aware of the respective advantages and disadvantages of such a cord. The length of the rope is determined by the size of the rope team as well as the preferred technique of crevasse rescue (for example, you need significantly more rope for the single-pulley technique than for the rescue by block and tackle systems).

    A half rope has the advantage that it is much lighter. If, for example, rock passages must be overcome, a single rope is often the better choice. Either way, the rope should have a water-repellent treatment. This treatment is the only way to ensure that the rope does not soak up water when it comes into contact with snow, becoming heavy and frozen. For this, we use our PRO DRY technology as well as the PFC- and PFAS-free ECO DRY technology.


    The Rap Line is the first accessory cord with a dynamic safety reserve. We have revised it again and were able to increase the maximum tensile strength to more than 10 kN, while simultaneously reducing the weight to less than 30 g/m. The Rap Line can be used with all current rope clamps.

    • Withstands two required standard falls for dynamic twin rope tests according to EN 892
    • Suitable for hauling equipment or abseiling, thanks to the low elongation values
    • 3D lap coiling enables instant use without tangles
    • Special accessory cord made of a combination of high-strength polyamide and aramid
    • Increased cut resistance under load, e.g. over sharp edges
    • Long-lasting water-repellent and dirt-resistant

    How do ice axes differ?

    For most ski touring (with glacier contact), an ordinary ice axe will suffice. These are available in various lengths, as lightweight aluminum models (ATTILA LITE) or with small details such as the fold-out hand rest for short technical passages as with our ATTILA TEC. Ice axes usually have a shovel opposite the pick, with which you can clean holds or make steps.

    In steeper terrain, waterfall or mixed climbing, ice tools or steep ice tools (RAGE or RIOT HAMMER) are in demand. They have a much stronger effective curvature and can be used much better in a pull up motion.


    Ultra-light, compact ice axe for ski and glacier tours.

    • Slightly curved aluminium shaft and hardened steel pick make light work of steep, alpine terrain
    • Wide adze for efficient step cutting
    • Centroid marking for T-anchor set up
    • Ergonomically-shaped blade perfect for smooth plunging on the uphill
    • Ultra-light, compact design for minimum weight and a small pack size


    Extreme ice tool for demanding mixed and ice routes. The ergonomically shaped handle enables precise guidance and effective striking.

    • Aggressively curved shaft provides additional clearance, while the balanced construction ensures accurate placement and penetration on rock and ice
    • Modular construction can be adapted to suit all uses and conditions
    • Ergonomically-shaped handle with finger hole for a secure grip when swinging
    • Mixed pick with more teeth and profile as well as increased material thickness for good torsional strength
    • Accelerator that can be optionally mounted on the pick to increase impact force
    • Matching waterfall pick made of hardened steel with minimal blasting effect optionally available
    • Load-bearing spike (8 kN) made of steel with opening for attaching a carabiner
    • Supplied with allen key


    All-round ice tool with hammer, specially designed for technical mountaineering and ice climbing.

    • Modular construction can be adapted to suit all uses and conditions
    • Curved shaft geometry for improved penetration and precise placement on ice and rock
    • Available with adze or hammer (both weigh exactly the same)
    • Hardened steel waterfall pick for minimal shattering
    • Accelerator that can be optionally mounted on the pick to increase impact force
    • Load-bearing spike (8 kN) made of steel with opening for attaching a carabiner
    • Finger rest and Allen key included in the scope of delivery

    What do I need for crevasse rescues?

    There are different techniques for rescue from crevasses. They depend primarily on what techniques the rope team members have skills in, how the rope team is structured, what the fall terrain is like, and what material is on their harnesses. Before a tour on a glacier, the techniques should be learned and practiced; mountain schools and alpine clubs offer special courses for this purpose. The level of training within the rope team should also be discussed and coordinated before the tour.

    In addition to rope, ice axe, carabiners and rope lanyards, it is also worth considering the use of pulleys with or without a backstop in order to reduce rope friction and make the rescue as effective as possible.


    Ultra-light pulley with backstop. Designed for lifting loads, crevasse rescue operations, or as an emergency ascender.

    • The backstop can be fixed in the open position in order to use the device as a simple pulley
    • Diameter pulley: 20 mm
    • Suitable for ropes with a diameter of 7.0 to 11.0 mm as well as for the EDELRID Rap Line Protect Pro Dry
    • Ball bearing pulleys for high Efficiency (92%)
    • Cams for optimal grip on iced or muddy ropes