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Mountaineering: The Magic of the High Mountains

Safely on the move on alpine tours and mountaineering

The mountains demand versatile commitment and give us a lot in return

You’re on a razor-sharp ridge enjoying a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains as the sun bathes the steep white slopes in shimmering light and the mighty summit cross towers up into the deep-blue sky. A shiver runs down your back. A typical, poignant moment of joy experienced by most mountaineers on reaching a summit. 

Mountaineering comes in all sorts of guises depending on the time of year, region, and altitude. It can involve a spring tour in the Karwendel in Austria, a wintry high tour in the Swiss Alps, or a multi-week ascent of a seven-thousander in the Himalayas. The summit is usually the goal. And this can be reached in several ways. Hiking, scrambling, climbing, on skis, with crampons, via the standard route or up a famous north face. Nature throws multiple challenges at us: long, tiring trails, steep flanks, firn slopes, nerve-racking traverses, difficult rock steps, cold, wind, rain, ice, snow, glacial crevasses, or the risk of avalanche.

Safe excursions require extensive expertise and a firm knowledge of how to use your gear. But mountaineering is about more than just athletic achievement, reaching a summit, and safely returning home. Mountains have a magical draw. Their energy, their peace, and the beauty of untouched nature affect our body, mind, and soul. Austrian mountaineer Peter Habeler once fittingly summed up the overall experience of mountaineering: “The mountains aren’t just a challenge for me. They’re also a place of recuperation. My head clears as soon as I set off. I climb a mountain and when I return, I’m a different person.”

Equipment for mountanineering and high mountain tours

The range of equipment required is as broad as mountain tours are different. What matters is that you choose the right gear for your plans and are able to use it safely and routinely. Lightness, packability, and durability are all important. EDELRID offers a complete range of high-quality mountaineering equipment with sophisticated details and innovative technologies. Whether a rope, harness, belay device, crampons, ice axe, helmet, carabiner, or sling, we have the right hardware for your mountain adventure.

Climbing harness

When on high mountain tours or ski mountaineering trips, a light harness that takes up little space in a backpack is ideal. We recommend a laminated sit harness or a model with a pure webbing construction as well as three buckles and four gear loops. It should ideally be possible to put the harness on while wearing skis or crampons and the gear loops should be flexible so that they do not dig in when wearing a backpack.

There are also different ice axe models for different uses. Whereas ice axes for ski and glacier tours should be as light and compact as possible, you will need a slightly more curved shaft that also performs well on steeper passages for technical mountaineering. The steeper and more demanding the terrain, the shorter and more curved the axe. Our axes are characterized by the best workmanship, ergonomic shapes, and sharp picks made of high-quality steel or aluminum. We have precisely tailored all models to the specific requirements of the different areas of use.

Helmets & headlamps

The helmet is an essential part of your equipment in demanding terrain. EDELRID helmets have been protecting mountaineers and climbers for quarter of a century. Our helmets for mountain sports feature a sophisticated ventilation and fastening system as well as a robust headlamp bracket, and come in a wide range of weight categories and structures (softshell, hybrid, and hardshell). A further must in the mountains is a headlamp that you can rely on when you set out early or end up in the dark as evening falls.

Belay devices & descenders

Belay devices and descenders should be suitable for use in alpine terrain and with half and twin ropes. Those looking for versatility should opt for the GIGA JUL, which allows you to belay using the tuber or auto-tuber function depending on the situation. The ultra-light MICRO JUL or the versatile, durable, and lightweight MEGA JUL made of cast stainless steel are perfect for anyone looking for particularly lightweight gear. On the other hand, those who prefer to use a figure eight descender, e.g. when ski mountaineering, should choose a light model that is compatible with small-diameter ropes, such as the MAGO 8.

Carabiners & quickdraw sets

Carabiners are a key part of the safety chain. Whether belaying, rappelling, setting up a belay station, as protection, or for carrying things, carabiners make life in the mountains easier. Our carabiners are designed with a huge amount of love and great innovative spirit to make them as light and easy to use as possible while also offering reliable safety. When mountaineering, you will need a versatile range of ultra-light, robust locking and normal carabiners as well as quickdraw sets that can be easily operated when wearing gloves.

Webbing, slings & accessory cords

Whether as brake knots, camming devices, slings around blocks or flakes, for setting up belay stations, or for threading, slings, webbing, and accessory cords are all part of the basic gear you’ll need in the mountains. A few Dyneema® or aramid round slings in combination with accessory cords are a good choice.