Teamwork means better results

As a medium-sized company, we know that we can’t make a big impact on global environmental issues. However, we’re convinced that we can make significant and lasting differences worldwide by partnering with others.

Which is why EDELRID works with various non-profit organisations and other partners to improve climbing’s eco footprint.

The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA)

EDELRID has been a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) since 2014. The EOCA is an association of outdoor industry businesses that help to put conservation projects into practice. It was the outdoor industry’s desire to give back to our planet that led to the foundation of the EOCA in July 2006.

Although many European companies had already established their own conservation programmes, this was an opportunity to join forces within the industry itself. As a result, EOCA has supported and allowed local grassroots projects to press ahead with protecting endangered wildlife zones, species, and habitats to a huge extent.


The climbing rope links people and nature with each other in a unique way. It makes risk-free ascents possible and catches us safely and gently if we fall.

At EDELRID, we produce several million metres of climbing rope annually. Despite high-tech manufacturing processes, production inevitably entails rope wastage, because we only sell ropes that meet our stringent quality requirements. But what should we do with rope waste? Just recycle it? That would be a shame.

So, we embarked on a quest to find a suitable way of using our rope waste. During a visit to our local climbing gym, we noticed the NEWSEED bin. A recycling collection point for old climbing ropes? Wouldn’t that be the solution to our problem? We read online that Bettina and her NEWSEED team give old climbing ropes a new lease of life by upcycling and transforming them into colourful products.

A phone call and a meeting in Isny later, it was a done deal. EDELRID and NEWSEED became partners. Our mission was to continue using EDELRID waste resulting from rope production. We and the NEWSEED rope rescuers hope to make climbing’s eco footprint a little better.

Bettina and her team have now processed tonnes of polyamide waste from EDELRID rope production alone and given it a new and useful purpose. From chalk bags to bracelets to stylish gym bags, the NEWSEED range features lots of colourful, upcycled products. There’s even a sandal and a deckchair made of EDELRID rope waste. And each product’s unique because we can never plan for the rope waste incurred.



"Every NEWSEED product bought makes you a rope rescuer too. And it helps us to recycle more and more resources. You gain a product with a history that allows you to embark on new adventures.” Bettina Junkersdorf (Gründerin & Geschäftsführerin von NEWSEED).

NEWSEED doesn’t just use the waste from EDELRID rope production. You can also put your worn-out climbing rope to good use by placing it in one of NEWSEED’s many recycling bins. These are made from old oil barrels, which are repurposed following thorough restoration. NEWSEED’s website shows where the next recycling point is:

A rope passes through lots of hands

Follow a climbing rope’s journey from when it’s produced at EDELRID to its transformation as an upcycled item at NEWSEED.

Albrecht von Dewitz Foundation

EDELRID is a founding member of the Albrecht von Dewitz Foundation. The non-profit foundation is based in the Lake Constance region. Its goal is to promote sustainable, ecological, and safe mountaineering.

Its founder, Albrecht von Dewitz, always welcomed innovations in the mountaineering sector with open arms and loved being outdoors. These aspects have fascinated him since he founded VAUDE in 1974. Therefore, it’s only logical that his foundation does the same. Supporting innovations for tomorrow’s world, ensuring safe mountaineering, and protecting the alpine world, are the founder and foundation’s top priorities.

The foundation’s based near Lake Constance and funds both national and international projects and initiatives that meet its criteria.

“We need to join forces with lots of people to tackle mountaineering’s biggest problems – climbers’ safety and conserving the mountains themselves. When I started and expanded VAUDE Sport, I had a lot of luck and noticed how much the support of a wide range of people meant. My foundation’s goal is to shape the future for both sides, by ensuring mountaineers are safer and the mountaineering landscape is preserved."

Albrecht von Dewitz – Vorstand und Gründer