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Mountain sports are our origin, but our passion goes beyond that. Freedom in vertical movement takes place in sports, but also in working at heights and in tree care. We use synergies so that our products benefit from our development work in all areas.

In search of new solutions, we think "out of the box" and leave well-trodden paths in favor of the best results: safe, innovative, sustainable, lightweight products.

Free movement in the vertical? Vertical Freedom? What does that actually mean? Of course, we have also dealt intensively with these questions... and also invited our athletes and partners to tell us how they experience Vertical Freedom.

Vertical News - The green edition
The Ecopoint concept by Lena Marie Müller

To get to climbing destinations, most of us require a car. To help save the planet during the climate emer- gency, we need more eco-friendly ways of getting about to pursue our hobbies. But what impact does our sport have on our carbon footprint anyway? And what climate-friendly means of transport exist for climbers? The future could lie in a new option – the Ecopoint.

Climbing training with Angy Eiter

Do you want to get the most out of yourself on the wall and on the rock? Then start the nine-week training system together with Angy Eiter and get fit for the first climbing trip of the season.

Tropical Islands Photo Shoot - Press release

Working at Dizzying Heights

Vertical News - The green edition
CSR at EDELRID − questions to Sarah

Bluesign®, EMAS and Fair Wear are just some of the items on Sarah Lenz’s everyday agenda. Sarah is EDELRID’s CSR manager and loves her job. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and she’s responsible for anyt- hing associated with sustainability, fair business practices and social stan- dards. And for this magazine too, because Climb Green and all the associa- ted issues wouldn’t be where they are today without Sarah

Vertical News - The green edition
Climbing and social Engagement in Brazil by Svana Bjarnason

This summer, I was given the opportunity to take part in an environmental, educational climbing project in Brazil. My home for three and a half weeks was the Maewan sailboat. The non-profit organization of the same name aims to promote collective wellbeing in a world with limited re- sources. 

Vertical News - The green edition
#ClimbGreen by Tommy Caldwell

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find an outdoor enthusiast who’s a climate-change denier. Perhaps because we see forests that are on fire, walk on receding glaciers and climb mountains on which the snow is thawing and the rock disintegrating. It can seem quite a gloomy outlook until you remember that an inherent characteristic of climbers is their belief in the improbable. 

Big walls, big dreams

Following your passion can mean so much: For Tommy Caldwell, being out in the mountains and climbing big walls means fun, inspiration, creativity, challenge, fear. To fail sometimes is painful and can set you back, but is part of it, motivates him, shows him weaknesses and strengths, lets him grow and develop. To be complete with himself, he must be able to rely on his equipment without doubt, because only then can he concentrate fully on his passion and climb carefree.

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