Become an exclusive EDELRID tester for our DY.EN.A Pants.

What makes your climbing pants the No. 1 all-rounder? Together with you, we want to perform the ultimate CLIMBING PANTS TEST for our new DY.EN.A pants.

How to become a tester:

1️⃣  Tell us in an IG voicemail or DM what your favorite climbing pants must be able to do (the more creative, the better your chance).

1️⃣  Send us an IG Voicemail or DM and tell us what your ideal climbling pants look like.

🔊  "With my favorite climbing pants I can finally show that I can get all the way down in the splits, because they are particularly tear-resistant."

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3️⃣  If we choose you as a tester, all we ask is that you send us videos or photos of YOUR creative testing idea with our DY.EN.A pants and post them to your account.