Light, Compact and Versatile: Our Pulley With Integrated Backstop

      The SPOC can be used as a classic rope clamp for rope ascents, as a simple pulley or as a pulley with a backstop, for example during crevasse rescue operations. It reaches an extremely high efficiency of 92%, thanks to the high quality ball bearing.

      The cam, with its integrated spring mechanism, locks automatically, and will work even with icy or muddy ropes due to its special design. A cable pull lets you easily open the backstop with one hand. The backstop can also be fixed in the open position in order to use the device as a simple pulley. The carabiner connection hole is generously dimensioned so that any type of screwgate carabiner can be positioned without problems, which makes the installation significantly simpler.

      The Spoc is suitable for ropes with a diameter between 7 and 11mm, as well as for the Rap Line II from EDELRID.

      The carabiner hole is generously dimensioned so that screw carabiners of all kinds can be turned in it without any problems, which makes installation much easier.

      The SPOC is suitable for ropes with a diameter of 7 - 11 mm as well as for the RAP LINE PROTECT PRO DRY 6.0 MM by EDELRID.


      The device must be used with an oval or pear shaped karabiner. Karabiners to EN 362 or EN 12275 are recommended for use as connectors. Ropes to EN 892, EN 1891, and EN 564 can be used within the admissible rope diameter range. Additionally, this product is also compatibble with the EDELRID RAP LINE II 6 mm.

      The Use

      1. To insert the rope, swing the movable side plate open; then hold the clamping cam open using the locking mechanism.

      2. Left: Use as ascending aid: Insert the device as shown. Ensure the device blocks in the desired direction and that the karabiner is locked. Right: Use as pulley with return lock: Insert the device as shown. Ensure the device blocks in the desired direction and that the karabiner is locked.

      3. When the device is used as a pulley with return lock, the clamping can be released with the locking mechanism, turning the device into a mere deflection pulley.

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