A new level of comfort thanks to innovative 3D pad technology

EDELRID has been a pioneer in the field of comfortable climbing harnesses for years. In order to find out the optimal load distribution and to eliminate pressure points, EDELRID also cooperated with research institutions such as the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in the development. The HELIOS and HELIA climbing harnesses are the result of this collaboration.

Unprecedented comfort with low weight and small pack size - that describes in short the goal in the development of the two harnesses. To achieve this, the proven 3D Vent technology was taken up and refined: the innovative 3D Pad technology builds on the concept of the 3D-shaped hip belt and leg loops, but the padding is reduced to strategically sensible places and used more intensively there. This ensures that comfort does not suffer despite the partial reduction in padding. On the contrary: through a precise analysis of which pressure zones are created in the harness when leaning but also when hanging freely (sitting), it was possible to significantly increase the hanging comfort once again.

Optimal load distribution is achieved in particular by the butterfly shape of the hip belt. The shape in combination with the strategically placed padding ensures a redistribution of the forces acting laterally. Different body shapes are also taken into account: the HELIOS is aimed at climbers with an "O-shape", i.e. with a similar circumference at the waist and hips. For climbers with an "A" shape, the waist is narrower in relation to the hips, so the HELIA fits perfectly.

The recessed padding and other details such as the 20 mm aluminium Slide Block buckle on the hip belt and the new, significantly more flexible tie-in loop result in a relatively low weight and contribute to the surprisingly compact pack size. The leg loops are individually adjustable with 15 mm Slide Block buckles. Textile sleeves over the buckles protect the webbing from premature wear.


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