We turn ideas into reality to allow free movement in a vertical world.

We are creators, makers, developers, testers, producers: Our goal is to realize ideas that enable free and carefree movement in the vertical world - free from weight, free from worries about safety, free from some physical limitations, free from wear and tear, free...

What means “Vertical Freedom”?

We have dealt intensively with this question. But we also asked our athletes and partners what it means to them personally. Here are a few impressions and answers:

Friendship high abouve – Séb & Siebe

"Pierre - Papier - Ciseau"
Nothing like a good game of rock-paper-scissors on a portaledge to make a decision without overthinking it... Too bad Siebe always loses! ;-)

In big-wall climbing, it's not easy to find a partner who shares the same goals as you, with whom things happen quickly, smoothly, without even having to speak. A partner who is organized, climbs quickly, handles rope management safely, and is always motivated for another hauling or one more pitch.

It's even rarer to build with this partner, over the years, a relationship of trust and friendship, where each brings the necessary energy to the team for a perfect symbiosis. The biological definition speaks of an interaction that benefits both elements of the relationship: when rivalry gives way to healthy competition that pushes you to excel, when you know when the other needs support, when the team becomes better than the individual.

In a climbing team, when partnership turns into symbiosis, you know that this team will reach the top of many walls, each one bigger, more beautiful, and tougher than the last. Achieving this kind of relationship in climbing requires work, patience, reflection, and self- examination. Accepting oneself or accepting the other, entirely with our strengths and weaknesses to serve the team, is a real challenge.

From the granite walls of El Capitan to the Fly in Lauterbrunnen, considered one of the toughest big-wall climbs in Europe, to a first ascent on the Petit Clocher du Portalet, we have been building our symbiosis for several years now. One thing is certain: it hasn't always been easy, and as we embark on future projects, there is still much to learn.

That's why we are proud to have once again put our partnership to the test this year in Picos De Europa in Spain, and to have learned from each other once more. Steep walls of magnificent gray and compact limestone emerging from the clouds, run-out pitches, technical and incredible climbing...

What better way to strengthen the bonds of our “friendship high above”?

Out of the Valley - Trenkwalder

On the roofs where Peter Trenkwalder and his team are working, the term "working at height" is applied twice: The South Tyrolean company specializes in the construction and renovation of high-altitude mountain huts. For the work on the Becherhaus, the highest refuge in South Tyrol, the construction team spent several months in winter at an altitude of 3195 meters. Under the extreme conditions of the high mountains, a perfect safety concept, a well-coordinated team and the best equipment are mandatory. Secured with personal protective equipment (PPE) from EDELRID, such as ropes, harnesses and the new MEGAWATT abseiling device, the team was able to install a lifeline so that future maintenance work on the hut can be carried out safely.

Handling The Fear - Molly Mitchell

The US-American Molly Mitchell is known for her bold ascents of hard routes in trad style. In trad climbing, you only use mobile protection such as friends and cams and have to evaluate your risk in a completely different way. Depending on how the route is already bolted or not, you may deliberately choose not to use bolts that have already been placed, in order to maintain a clean trad style.

During a serious fall on one of her projects, Molly severely injured herself and broke her back. A major and painful setback... but also the impetus for Molly to re-examine herself and her head and reflect on her risk assessment. Going back into difficult trad routes with confidence after the fall took a lot of courage and strength for her.

Consciously facing this fear and finding focus while climbing is her big challenge and at the same time what she loves most about trad climbing.

Applied Physics #teamedelrid

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains are generally considered the cradle of free climbing. The routes up the towers and the climbing of these historically shaped lines are something very special. This was also experienced by the athletes of the EDELRID team at the annual meeting.

None other than Bernd Arnold, Elbsandstein authority and climbing and mountaineering legend, gave the athletes an introduction to the local oddities. In a nutshell: Chalk is frowned upon (at least on the German side) and protection is done on a few fixed and sometimes dubious metal rings as well as additional textile, mobile protection devices and slings. After a short familiarization and a few attempts near the ground, we went to various spots for climbing. However, the exchange of ideas, upcoming projects of the athletes and new ropes, belay devices, carabiners, etc. from EDELRID was also a big part of this meeting.

This is what "Vertical Freedom" can also be: facing new challenges, learning and taking new or unfamiliar paths in climbing (and protection).

Into the Unknown

Certainty is something many climbers try to avoid. Especially, Robbie Phillips tries to push himself for the uncertain, the unknown. He feels most alive on rugged Scottish cliffs, with his climbing partner, forging friendships and having an epic time. It's his form of meditation, just focusing on the rock, no sounds from the modern world, just the sea, the wind, and the climber on the wall. These moments of tranquility lead to a balanced mind and energy for everyday life, which we all face and try to master.

#teamedelrid - team vertical

We "produce" our very own moments of "Vertical Freedom" every day. When climbing is easy and fluid, the correct use of equipment comes naturally, challenges in everyday life are mastered, then we are in the flow... Our athletes have to work a lot and hard to live as self-determined professionals in climbing. In the end, it is the joy of climbing that motivates and drives them. The athletes inspire us, through their skills and style, they push boundaries, they always remain curious, and enjoy "the beauty of the vertical world" with all its facets.


Challenging yourself

In climbing projects, the process itself is the most important thing and is what makes you grow and become stronger. This is also reported by Mélissa Le Nevé from the EDELRID athlete team. In the beginning, there is a dream that keeps her motivated for a long time. Until she makes it to the top, there are still many attempts, advances, and setbacks ahead... a path that is physically but also mentally demanding. All the more fulfilling is the moment when everything falls into place when she wins the battle. It is not a fight against something, but for herself, for the rock, for the route.


Big walls, big dreams

Following your passion can mean so much: For Tommy Caldwell, being out in the mountains and climbing big walls means fun, inspiration, creativity, challenge, fear. To fail sometimes is painful and can set you back, but is part of it, motivates him, shows him weaknesses and strengths, lets him grow and develop. To be complete with himself, he must be able to rely on his equipment without doubt, because only then can he concentrate fully on his passion and climb carefree.


Sharing vertical moments

Via ferratas exert a fascination all their own. Wind around the ears, steep rock scrambling, from pleasure to sporty demanding. It's all about experiencing and sharing moments. Being out in nature and feeling it, mastering the challenge of an exposed passage, and enjoying fascinating views without having to worry about the safety of the equipment.


The office above

When it comes to working in places that are inaccessible to most, Lisa is assigned as a rope access technician. In doing so, she is constantly on the move in new environments, faced with new challenges, and experiences unusual insights and views. For her, working at height means teamwork: everyone has to work in harmony, and, in an emergency, she has to be able to rely on her team - and her equipment. So what is it about her job that particularly appeals to Lisa? Every industrial project is different and presents individual challenges: Where are the anchor points? What are the possible escape routes? What hazards need to be eliminated?


Passion for trees

You only choose this profession if you have a passion for climbing and working with trees. Whether the desire to become an arborist came about through formative experiences in childhood or sometime later in life, for everyone it is probably more of a calling than a profession. For arborist Max Soballa, climbing trees quickly and efficiently and being able to move freely and flexibly in the treetop is pure joy. This freedom of movement is what allows him to work in the tree without restrictions - which is ultimately also a question of safety. The equipment must be optimally aligned and easy to operate.


Moving light and fast

No matter how harsh and demanding the conditions are, on tours in (high) alpine terrain, the equipment must function perfectly. It is not uncommon for such tours to involve several hundred or even a thousand meters of altitude and tens of kilometers in ice, snow, and rock - so the equipment must be as light as possible because every gram saved also saves energy. David Göttler, EDELRID athlete, alpinist, and high-altitude mountaineer, embodies the "light and fast" philosophy in mountaineering like no other. For his ambitious undertakings, he relies on meticulous preparation, routine training, his experience, and the lightest possible equipment. When all this comes together and the weather conditions are right, he can get into a flow and move freely even in challenging alpine terrain.


Vertical Freedom is not just a single instant or experience for us. After all, our athletes, partners and you experience the moments in the vertical in very different and unique ways. On this page, we want to collect and show what Vertical Freedom can mean. Here you will discover new videos from time to time, so it's worth checking back every now and then...