The perfect material for all requirements

White clouds of breath rise into the cold mountain air, your shoes crunch with every step, and the high-altitude sun breaks through the clouds. Frozen waterfalls, glaciers, snow, and ice. If you venture into the mountains, head into high-Alpine terrain, or traverse steep ice in winter, you need crampons and ice axes or ice tools.

Different gear specially tailored to the challenges at hand exists for different uses. From simple glacier tours through classic mountain climbing and ice climbing to dry tooling—EDELRID has the right equipment for all requirements.

In the case of the models from the BEAST series, depending on your circumstances and personal preferences, you can convert your crampons from mono to dual point (2) in just a few simple steps. If the front points have become worn, they can also be replaced extremely easily. It is also possible to combine a long point with a short one.

Lightweight aluminum crampons that pack down very compact can be used for pure glacier crossings and high mountain ski tours. For classic high mountain tours and combined mountaineering, the crampons should be more robust so that they don’t wear as much when coming into contact with rock and remain sharp-edged for longer. Crampons for ice and mixed climbing have a far more aggressive design and offer the ultimate bite on steep ice and rock.

Ice tools for dry tooling, mixed climbing, and ice climbing have to deal with particular challenges. Not only are they used as aids, like a classic ice axe when crossing snow fields and glaciers, they essentially act as an extension of your hands and are therefore an important climbing tool that plays a central role in your ability to progress. The combination of the heavily curved shaft and the special pick enables a precise swing and strike when ice climbing as well as accurate positioning in the smallest holes and edges when dry tooling.

    Walking crampons

    If you’re going hiking in the winter or spring and know that you may have to cross snow fields or ice, you should consider taking some spikes or four or six-point walking crampons to enhance your grip. The SPIDERPICK with small points (spikes) is pulled over the entire shoe like a snow chain and often also used with softer models such as running shoes. The 6-POINT-GRÖDEL, on the other hand, is buckled onto a hiking boot with a firm sole and embeds deeper into the ground with its points.

    It’s those little extras that make life easier and more organized. Our crampons, ice axes, and ice tools are modular in design. That means that if an individual part, such as the front points or the pick, becomes worn, you can simply replace it without replacing the entire product. We also offer practical, robust transport bags to prevent sharp edges from damaging your backpack while carrying your gear.