Application field: PPE

PPE: Protect Yourself against Falls

Promoting the Health and Safety of Professionals

To ensure work safety in areas with a risk of falling, the EDELRID product range comprises a wide array of personal fall protection equipment and the associated equipment for rescue operations.

This not only includes harnesses, various kernmantle ropes, as well as fall arrest, work positioning, and restraint systems, but also devices, tools, and accessories.

What is personal fall protection equipment?

Personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) has to be used by anyone who works in an area where there is a risk of falling, e.g. roofers, height rescue specialists, scaffolders, or people who work in the industrial climbing sector. It is one of the individual protective measures required by the relevant professional bodies when it is not possible to use collective safety measures such as safety nets or side guards. A differentiation is made between restraint systems, fall arrest systems, and rescue systems.

Whereas restraint systems are designed to prevent falls, fall arrest systems securely catch people who fall and reduce the impact force on the body. It is important to always ensure that there is a sufficient amount of fall clearance.

Rescue systems are also classed as personal fall protection equipment. They enable users to either rescue themselves or be rescued by others.

How can personal fall protection equipment be labeled?

Every piece of equipment has to be individually labeled to enable PPE inspections and usage records. To find out what you need to consider in this regard, please see our Knowledge Base.

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