Application field: Rope access

Rope Access: Working at Great Heights

Stay Safe as You Work with Rope Access

What is rope access?

Rope access is a suitable means of access for performing work at heights and in hard-to-reach areas, for example inspections or installation work on wind turbines, bridge pillars, church towers, or high-rise buildings. However, work in confined spaces (shaft and well inspections) can also require the use of rope access if no suitable means of moving around are available.

Rope access is used by specially trained experts to perform work in hard-to-reach areas. In most cases, these areas are accessed from above. People always work in teams to ensure rapid rescue in the event of an emergency.

How does rope access work?

Rope access centers around a redundant system, usually two ropes fastened to two suitable anchor points. The load-bearing rope enables progressive movement. The people working at height use this to descend or climb in order to position themselves for their work. The safety rope is solely used to arrest the rope access technicians if the load-bearing rope fails, offering a safety back-up at all times.

All new: intuitive abseiling device and mid-running fall arrester sets new standards.

With MEGAWATT, we present a universal descending device, and with FUSE, we present a guided type fall arrester that sets new standards.


The product features at a glance:


  • Ergonomically shaped two-component lever for precise control of the abseiling speed (suitable for right- and left-handers)
  • Compact design and short lowering lever facilitate handling and reduce the risk of catching
  • Anti-panic function for additional safety when lowering (device locks automatically if the lever is pushed too far forward)
  • Autolock function enable positioning when working at height without the need to lock off the lever or tie off the unit
  • Steel inserts on the abrasion-prone areas increase service life
  • Locking screw for semi-permanent installation in rescue systems
  • Opening mechanism with safety lock allows the rope to be inserted without unhooking the device from the harness
  • Large carabiner hole allows the carabiner to be rotated 360° in the device
  • Abseiling of heavy loads up to 200 kg possible
  • Suitable for rope diameters from 8.9 to 11.8 mm
  • Integrated RFID chip for simplified operational documentation


  • Extremely kind on ropes thanks to the non-serrated brake jaws
  • Edge tested according to RFU 11.075 and therefore approved for horizontal applications
  • Four standards all met by one device (EN 353-2, EN 12841-A, RfU 11.075 and ANSI Z359.15)
  • Integrated RFID chip for easier usage documentation
  • Integrated cam locking function for workplace positioning or securing the rope in high winds
  • Incomparably good glide movement up and down the rope from the first meter
  • Can be easily clipped to/unclipped from the rope at any point without the device having to be detached from the harness