What connectors are there and how do they differ?

Our connectors impress with the best handling, long service lives, and innovative details. To meet all practical requirements, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as with different locking systems.

Aluminum carabiners

Lightweight aluminum carabiners are suitable for people who work at height and value equipment with a low weight.

Steel carabiners

Thanks to their high breaking strength, steel carabiners are primarily suitable for anchor devices and being attached to metal structures.

Bulletproof carabiners

The innovative models with Bulletproof technology combine the advantages of aluminum carabiners with those of steel carabiners. The steel insert in the carabiner’s vertex prevents premature wear while the rest of the body is made of aluminum. Bulletproof carabiners are light yet still extremely robust and durable.


System carabiners

System carabiners are designed for connecting a lanyard. A large gate opening makes them easier to handle when clipping and unclipping.

Special carabiners

To meet the requirements for all practical applications, EDELRID offers a range of special carabiners with innovative details. These include models with integrated pulleys for reducing rope friction, versions with a swivel to prevent cross loading, and particularly wide carabiners for holding webbing.

Locking Systems

  • Screwgate carabiner


    The classic carabiners for a wide range of applications. An easy-to-grip screw sleeve enables quick and intuitive use with just one hand. However, these carabiners have to be actively locked to ensure maximum safety.

  • Twist Lock Carabiner


    Twist lock carabiners have a rotatable sleeve. To open them, this has to be rotated by about 90° before the gate can be moved. Twist lock carabiners lock automatically and are easy to use with one hand. They are ideal for situations where speed and safety are of equal importance.

  • Triple Lock Carabiner


    Three movements are required to open these carabiners, making them safer than twist lock and screwgate models. However, one-handed use is extremely difficult and only possible with practice. They are ideal for situations where maximum safety is required.

  • Perma Lock Carabiner


    Innovative screwgate carabiners with additional sleeve locking through the use of a sophisticated locking mechanism. The integrated pressure lock blocks the carabiner’s rotating sleeve, securing it against unintentional opening. PermaLock therefore combines the safety of a locking carabiner, according to category 3 of the German Alpine Club (DAV) provisions, with the user-friendliness of a normal screwgate/snap carabiner.

  • Slide Gate Carabiner


    An EDELRID innovation. With these locking carabiners, we have integrated the automatic locking mechanism into the gate. The slide gate closure locks automatically and is quick and intuitive to use, even with just one hand. Due to the lack of locking sleeve, the carabiner can be freely rotated on anchor points and in the eyelets of pulleys and belay devices.

  • Carabiners with a palm squeeze mechanism


    On carabiners with a palm squeeze mechanism, the safety mechanism is released by pressing the palm against a lever on the back. Only once this has been released can the gate at the front of the carabiner be opened using the fingers.

Innovative details:

  • RFID inside


    Our carabiners with an integrated RFID transponder enable quick registration and effective PPE management. Suitable software can be used to monitor the usage cycles or the product’s PPE status, for example. This not only saves time and money but also increases safety.

  • Keylock-System


    All EDELRID carabiners are equipped with the keylock system. The carabiner bodies do not have a nose as this often gets in the way when clipping or unclipping. Carabiners with the keylock system are far easier to use as they cannot catch on ropes, anchors, or gear loops.

  • Visual wear indicator


    Some EDELRID locking carabiners have a red indicator on the gate for better safety. If this red area is visible, the user instantly knows that the carabiner is not properly locked.


    The OVAL POWER CAPTIVE is a clever accessory that can be quickly and easily fitted to all OVAL POWER carabiners from EDELRID. It holds the carabiner in position, prevents the carabiner from twisting awkwardly (e.g. at the end of a lanyard) and thus avoids dangerous cross-loading.