Whether as part of a fall arrest system, as a restraint system, or for work positioning, EDELRID offers a complete range of high-quality lanyards for different purposes.

Lanyards for fall protection (EN 362/EN 354/EN 355)

Lanyards for fall protection are always used if the risk of a fall cannot be completely ruled out. They are attached to the harness’s sternal (chest) or dorsal (back) fall arrest eyelet. The integrated energy absorber absorbs the energy generated in the event of a fall, reducing the impact force on the body. Sufficient fall clearance below the user must always be ensured. The energy absorber’s extension, the maximum fall distance, and the user’s maximum weight are provided in the instructions for use. Depending on the use, EDELRID offers two different lanyards with energy absorbers:

  • I-lanyards for horizontal movement, e.g. along a railing rope 
  • Y-lanyards for movement on vertical structures and for passing protection.

Lanyards for work positioning or restraint (EN 358)

Lanyards for work positioning or restraint are used if people need to temporarily secure themselves, for example so that they can use both hands for their work. The length of the lanyard can be quickly and easily adjusted using an integrated rope clamp. EDELRID offers special lanyards with a steel core for use when working with sharp objects (e.g. chain saws).

Lanyards made from energy-absorbing dynamic rope

Lanyards made from energy-absorbing dynamic rope are a special type of lanyard. They are used in the field of work safety for work positioning, belaying, or to enable movement (e.g. climbing on a rope). The dynamic rope absorbs energy in the event of a fall from a low height to offer an additional safety reserve. However, lanyards made from dynamic rope only have very low energy-absorbing capacities and in no way replace the use of an energy absorber pursuant to EN 355. As such, when they are used it is always essential to reduce the potential fall height and maintain a working position that is below the anchor point.

    Innovative details:

    Fail-safe lanyards (prevention of 180° misuse)

    When using conventional Y-shape lanyards, there is a risk of the lanyard’s shock absorber being ‘short-circuited’ if the second lanyard arm is attached to a load-bearing component of the full body harness (e.g. an eyelet). As shown in the illustration, this ‘short-circuits’ the load-bearing carabiner arms, bypassing the shock absorber. After a short braking distance, the connector becomes static, resulting in a significantly higher risk of extremely serious injuries. In the worst case scenario, the high forces applied to the seam between the two arms as a result of the 180° misuse can cause the lanyard to tear at this point. This would result in a complete fall.

    Thanks to an innovative design, the shock absorbers on all EDELRID lanyards with two arms are fully functional even in the event of 180° misuse. The patented design also works without restriction if the load-bearing arms are ‘short-circuited’. This means that the second lanyard arm can be attached to the load-bearing elements on the full body harness. All EDELRID products that are 180° fail-safe are labeled with a special symbol.

    For more detailed information, please visit our technology page.


    Lanyards with a wear indicator

    Some of EDELRID’s textile lanyards are equipped with a wear indicator in the form of innovative webbing with red polyester fibers integrated into it. These become visible in the event of increased abrasion, signaling to the user that the product needs to be replaced. 

    For further information in this regard, please see our technology page.

    Falls with two parallel energy absorbers

    Fall arrest systems with all sorts of different configurations are used in the field of fall protection. One of these involves the use of a lanyard with an energy absorber. 

    To find out what you need to consider in this regard, please see our Knowledge Base.