EDELRID is expanding its Work Safety collection with its 2024 product developments. Whether for industrial climbing, rescue operations or tree care, the Allgäu-based PPE specialist offers additional benefits for almost all vertical applications with its innovative solutions. The new collection includes improvements in the area of hardware for work safety as well as an additional tree climbing harness. Brand new is the casual clothing collection for tree care enthusiasts. Safety and quality, along with lightness and ease of use, are at the forefront of each product to make work efficient and comfortable. EDELRID's development and innovation work is based on 160 years of experience in climbing and alpine sports, as well as its own rope and line production in Isny, Germany.



Sophisticated simplicity

The TreeRaptor is a well-designed harness that offers excellent value for money. The elasticated VCR strap on the waist belt makes the TreeRaptor easy to put on and take off, plus offers a comfortable, non-restrictive fit. The harness also features an innovative Triple Lock buckle and the leg loops easy-to-use Double Lock buckles. An adjustment mechanism enables the clearly designed rigging plate to be adjusted in relation to the waist belt even under load for comfortable working. The large restraint eyelet complies with the standard EN 358 and gear can be attached to the numerous gear loops.

NEW: Clothing

EDELRID is introducing its inaugural tree care clothing collection for the summer of 2024. This collection prioritizes functionality, freedom of movement, and comfort to ensure a pleasant working environment, and features functional pants, a cozy fleece jacket, a hooded sweatshirt, and a range of T-shirts adorned with arborist-themed prints.


Switch Pro Double Adjust

Length adjustment even under load

The EDELRID Switch Pro Double Adjust is an easy-to-use, length-adjustable lanyard. The additional fixed-length arm is used for self-belaying, positioning, and progression on structures, anchor points, or railing ropes, or when climbing ropes. The system consists of the PERFORMANCE STATIC 10.5 mm, an Oval Power triple lock carabiner, and the innovative rope clamp. This enables length adjustment even under load, making it possible to shorten or extend the lanyard at any time.

Shockstop-Y 140 Giant

Practical lanyard for working at heights

A Y-lanyard with elasticated arms, an integrated energy absorber, and large, light aluminum scaffold hooks. The set is ideal for use in the field of scaffolding as well as for securing to and moving along anchor points or structures, progressing on lifelines, or passing protection. The energy absorber is designed for a high load capacity of 140 kg. The integrated swivel carabiner for harness attachment prevents the arms from twisting.

The Megawatt Set for efficient rescues

The Megawatt is a universal and compact descender. The set includes all the components for efficient rescues and offers all the advantages that make the Megawatt stand out. Minimal effort is required to operate the lowering lever with one hand, and the speed can be perfectly adjusted thanks to the intelligent transmission mechanism. Other features include an anti-panic function, RFID chip and steel inserts to increase the service life. In addition to the lightweight and versatile 490 gram descender, the set includes the Performic Static 11 mm, the innovative and compact Kaa haul system, the Match Sling adjustable lanyard, two Oval Steel locking carabiners, the Cupid Steel openable ring and the high-quality CASK 28 or CASK 55 gear bag.

Cupid Steel

Withstands loads in every direction

Openable steel ring in accordance with EN 362-M for permanently connecting load-bearing equipment elements in any direction. The innovative opening mechanism has been designed without a screw and is secured with a pin that can be unlocked without special tools. The opening width of 12 mm makes installing rope terminations, slings, and metal components easy.

Interstatic Protect mit Weblink

Added safety

The Interstatic Protect with Weblink is a cut-resistant static rope with an integrated Weblink termination for threading through small openings. EDELRID braids high-strength aramid fibers into the sheath in its own rope factory, making the rope twice as cut resistant of other static ropes with comparable sheath proportion and diameter. These characteristics together with its low elongation values make the Interstatic Protect with Weblink the first choice for all applications when the rope is exposed to sharp edges or whenever an additional safety margin is desirable.


Since its establishment in 1863, EDELRID has developed into a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), especially ropes and climbing equipment. EDELRID products are developed for mountaineering and climbing, as well as for industrial climbing, tree care, and mountain rescues and rescues from heights. The company is characterized by outstanding innovation and its focus on sustainability. EDELRID specializes in the development and production of ropes, and brought the first bluesign® certified ropes and ropes containing a high proportion of recycled material to the market. All product development activities take place at the head office in the German town of Isny im Allgäu, where 60 percent of all products (including ropes, lines, and textiles) are produced. The climbing shoe brand Red Chili has been part of EDELRID’s product portfolio since 2017. Since 2022, the EDELRID Group has also included avalanche backpack manufacturer ABS Sports + Protection GmbH & Co. KG.