Compact, flexible and with patented safety - the SPLY is a rope end termination made for intensive use in tree care.


The splice has a long tradition in the field of tree care as a compact and clean rope termination. The patented SPLY is extremely compact as the diameter of the rope does not widen at any point and there is only a minimal increase in thickness in the splice eye. This enables the splice to be easily fed through all common SRT and DdRT devices, eliminating the arduous task of pulling the entire rope through. 

At the same time, the splice offers added safety as part of the core runs through the entire eye. (Extremely thin eye splices have no core yarns in the splice eye, increasing the safety risk if the sheath is damaged).

A further ingenious detail offered by the SPLY is that it is locked using the color-coded year thread in the inner part of the rope. This eliminates the need for the additional lock stitching found as standard in conventional splices, resulting in a thinner design. At the same time, the color-coded year thread makes it quick and easy to see the year in which the splice was made.

The SPLY is handmade in Isny and has a minimum breaking strength of 15 kN.


  • extremely compact and flexible
  • passes through all common SRT and DdRT devices
  • innovative splice locking using the color-coded year thread
  • load-bearing core yarns in the splice eye for a high safety reserve


The packaging contains:

  • your rope, including SPLY
  • the serial number (not yet attached to the rope so you can pull it through your descender)
  • instructions for use for the rope and splice
  • cord for pulling the splice through your descender

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