Here you will find all current recalls and safety warnings for EDELRID products.

Here you will find all current recalls and safety warnings for EDELRID products.

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UPDATE: Precautionary call for safety check of the EDELRID MEGA JUL

EDELRID is now calling on every owner of a MEGA JUL, regardless of the batch, to visually inspect the device for any abnormalities.

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Precautionary call for a safety check on crampons with automatic binding

EDELRID is calling upon the owners of crampons with automatic binding to check the flattened end of the wire on the heel lever.

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Precautionary call for retrofitting of Screw Gate D

EDELRID calls on the owners of the screw gate D-ring bolts to replace them immediately. The quantity of bolts required can be requested free of charge by using the ORDER FORM (Download see below). Only products manufactured since October 2019 are affected.

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Precautionary call for retrofit tree care harnesses - Triple Lock Schnalle

EDELRID is calling on owners of TREEREX tree care harnesses to retrofit the harness buckles with an additional component.
On June 23, 2021, EDELRID reported about irregularities with the Triple Lock buckles on the TREEREX tree care harness.

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Statement Triple Lock Buckle

Statement from 23.06.2021

Statement Regarding The EDELRID TRIPLE LOCK Buckle
EDELRID is providing information on the current situation regarding irregularities with Triple Lock buckles on EDELRID tree care harnesses.

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Call for security check for Peguet Maillon Rapide SAS

Isny,  07.04.2021
The company PEGUET MAILLON RAPIDE SAS calls the owners of a MAILLON RAPIDE 8mm Standard Zincplated steel EN 362 / EN 12275 Ref.MRNZ08.0 CE EN to check their products for visible cracks on the surface. Affected are products of the batch: A.19.04

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Call for inspection of crampon soft bindings

Isny, 31.08.2020
EDELRID asks all owners of crampon soft bindings to check them for a correct combination of components.

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Precautionary call for safety check/ user inspection - TURN

Isny, 03/22/2019
EDELRID calls on the owners of the "Turn" pulley to check the riveting of these pulleys. This affects batch XXXX 18-150. Please note that XXXX stands for an individual sequential number and is irrelevant for this inspection.

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Call for safety check HMS Bulletproof Triple/ Triple FG

Isny, 07/17/2018
EDELRID asks all owners of the HMS Bulletproof Triple and HMS Bulletproof Triple FG to inspect the rivets on the gates of their carabiners. Affected are carabiners with manufacturing codes 01/2018 and 02/2018.

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Supplement dated 20 September, 2018

We point out that the products „Conecto", „Conecto Small" and „Conecto Swivel" from production year 2014 and forward, as far as in orginal and unmodified condition (these products are always delivered with black screws) are not affected to review for this call.

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Call for exchange action of the TALON tree climbing

We kindly request you to ask every user, to check the TALON for potential damages before using it for climbing and to refrain from using it in case of damage.

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11.2015 - Statement strangulation 

In view of the safety warning issued by the Sicherheitskreis Seilkletteranlagen e.V. (SISKA) in November 2015 on the topic of symmetrical and asymmetrical lanyards in the context of strangulation risk assessments

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2013 - Precautionary recall of EDELRID Via Ferrata Sets with a rope brake

Comprehensive testing by the mountaineering sports industry on old, used via ferrata sets has shown that used via ferrata sets with rope brakes may fail in the event of a fall.

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Via Ferrata EDELRID 2012

EDELRID is recalling all Via Ferrata sets of types Cable Lite, Cable Comfort, Brenta Comfort, Cable Lite 2.0 Cable Comfort 2.0, Cable Kit 4.0 and Cable Kit Xtra-Light Schuster as a precautionary measure from the market.

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