We climbers are material fetishists

We cherish our equipment like a treasure and can't get enough of the chic colours and shapes of our carabiners, exes & co. However, our addiction to equipment also has its price.

Toxic chemicals are used to anodise our hardware. The waste water produced after the dyeing process is toxic and, if not disposed of properly, extremely harmful to humans and the environment. In fact, anodising is primarily used to colour our hardware. It has no influence on their strength. Okay - it also increases their corrosion resistance, but with normal use and proper storage, this is negligible.

For this reason, we should ask ourselves the question: Can't we do without all the dazzling colours in favour of an intact environment? At EDELRID we have answered this question with "yes". With the HMS BULLETPROOF ECO, we are bringing a non-anodised carabiner onto the market for the first time. For the first time, consumers have an ecological alternative to an anodised standard carabiner.

The HMS BULLETPROOF ECO is available as a (1) screwgate or (2) triple lock version.

A little background knowledge on the subject of anodising:

  • Anodising aluminium alloys increases their corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and makes them look good. It does not increase their strength.
  • Problem: The waste water from this process has to be treated very carefully so as not to pollute the environment.
  • To tackle this problem, we are introducing a new eco-line. Our eco-line consists of carabiners that have not been anodised. They are just as strong and durable as anodised carabiners.
  • We carry non-anodised carabiners under the colour designation "ECO".

With our suppliers, we make sure that the manufacturing process is handled with the necessary care. But as always, the best option for the environment is not to do it - and in this case not to anodise. We just want to give everyone that alternative!

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