VECTOR SYSTEM - even more flexibility due to modular design

      1. Innovative threaded chest ascender for greater efficiency

      2. Adjustable leg loops can be fully opened thanks to Double Lock buckles

      3. FORAS carabiner to connect chest harness and waistbelt

      4. Lateral, vertically aligned textile eyelets according to EN 358 

      5. Central eyelet according to EN 813 for attaching an abseiling device

      6. Four rigid gear loops for up to 12 carabiners per loop (load: 25 kg)

      7. Four Accessory-Loops (strength: 50 kg)

      8. Two central loops for attaching a work positioning seat (Air Lounge)

      9. Two attachment options for SM Clip Large gear carabiners (strength: 0 kN)

      10. Restrain Loop

      11. Dedicated space to install a First-Aid-Kit

      Modular Harness System

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