The Most Versatile Tree Climbing Harness of All Times

      The waist belt and leg loops are made using our proven 3D-Vent technology. In combination with the wide, semi-rigid padding, this results in unsurpassed hanging comfort coupled with good breathability.

      Thanks to the Triple Lock buckles on the waist belt and leg loops, the TREEREX is also quick and easy to put on and take off.


      • 3D Vent Technology for unbeatable support and comfort
      • 2 color-coded rope bridges and one anchor ring for maximum lateral freedom of movement
      • Variety of rope bridge configurations and optional SRT bridge for safe and comfortable working on single ropes
      • Triple Lock buckles on the waist belt and leg loops allows it to be easily put on and taken off

      The TREEREX's design centers on the lateral fastening eyelets integrated into the leg loops. These make it possible to install up to two rope bridges (fixed or adjustable), which in turn offer maximum lateral freedom of movement. Thanks to an intelligent adjustment mechanism, the angle of the lateral fastening eyelets can be adjusted even under load, making the height of the rope bridges adjustable to all situations. To enable simple climbing on single ropes, the SRT bridgeprovided with the TREEREX can be retrofitted to create a ventral eyelet.

      1. Lateral fastening eyelets can also be adjusted under load thanks to a smart adjustment mechanism for an optimum working position in the tree.

      2. Rope bridge set: Set of color-coded ropes, cords and a cambium ring for a variety of rope bridge configurations.

      3. The supplied prusik makes it possible to build a length-adjustable rope bridge.

      4. Adjustable SRT bridge (extends the TREEREX with a central tie-in point).

      Different rope bridge configurations:

      1. TREEREX with one adjustable and one fixed rope bridge and integrated SRT bridge

      2. TREEREX with one adjustable and one fixed rope bridge

      3. TREEREX with a fixed rope bridge and integrated SRT bridge

      4. TREEREX with integrated SRT bridge

      Correct application of the harness

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